Author: Hannah Lee

The nature trails were severely damaged by hurricane activity in 2016. 

Photo by Michael Herrera
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Nature trails: Help is on the way

Student Government had its first committee meetings of the Spring Semester Jan. 23 where the senators agreed to fix the nature trails, fund Lend-a-Wing, and supply more phone chargers in the library. Budget and Allocation Committee (B&A):   The Budget and Allocations committee passed a $200,000 special request from SG […]

Illustration by Mariana Martins

Do you know Chanukah?

Whether you know Chanukah as Hanukah, Chanukkah or Hanukkah, this holiday is all about lighting a candle every night, giving gifts and singing the Dreidel song — which we all know is made out of clay. Or is it? Okay, yes it is, but there is much more to it […]

Photo courtesy LASO
Community Features

Delaney and LASO talk immigration

On Tues. Nov. 22, the Latin American Student Organization (LASO) co-hosted an inclusivity discussion alongside the African American Student Union (AASU) and the Asian Students in Alliance (ASA). President Delaney was at the event, along with other UNF professors. Students discussed the incident of the “Make America White Again” graffiti […]

Effect of third-party votes
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Effect of third-party votes

While the country is waiting for the announcement of the next U.S. president, people are shifting their focus to third-party votes. Current third-party voters are expressing their joy about the things they are achieving, while major-party voters are angry at third-party voters for “wasting their vote.” According to Politico, Gary Johnson […]