Parking pass price changes, Starbucks renovations and student travel

Photo by Jordan Bebout
Photo by Jordan Bebout

What do you want first – the good news or bad news?

Gray pass, anyone?

In the final University and Student Affairs committee meeting of the semester, it was announced that the Parking Advisory Council wants to increase the price of blue permits and decrease the price of gray permits.

The University-Wide Committee Reporting Form reads: “The justification behind the price increase of blue permits and the price decrease of gray permits is to incentivize the purchase of gray lot passes.”

This suggestion was submitted to Vice-President of Administration and Finance Shari Shuman, who will then recommend the suggestions (or not) to the University President, who has the final say.

The parking services website states that purchase of a permit does not guarantee the holder a space in their desired area but the permit does allow for parking in other designated areas. These recommended price changes could increase the chances of blue permit holders finding a spot.

The annual blue pass would increase from $160 to $180, and the semester blue pass would increase from $95 to $110. The price of the gray annual pass would lower from $95 to $75, and the semester pass would decrease from $55 to $45. If implemented, these changes would take effect Fall 2017.

Coffee on campus

Starbucks is updating the coffee kiosk area in the Thomas G. Carpenter library over winter break, but the existing 24-hour student lounge area has not been renovated in over ten years, obvious by the retro stools and sticky couches. Starbucks is updating their half of the facility to a darker, more industrial and chic look.

The Executive Branch requested $11,800 during the Nov. 16 Budget & Allocations Committee to hire a renovation consultant for conceptual design, furniture layout and architectural planning for the student lounge area. “It should feel comfortable and cozy,” said Chief of Staff Rachel Bryant while presenting the request. “This should a place you would want to spend a few hours in.”

Plans include more power outlets for charging devices, acoustic clouds for the ceiling to dampen noise, and colorful couch fabrics.

The approximate project budget for the actual construction is $25,000, but that amount could change depending on cost changes and other budget decisions. The tentative construction time for the student lounge area is during 2017 Spring Break (March 20 – 26.)  

“It’s definitely something used by the students and I believe it’s a good use of A&S funds,” said SG Treasurer Heather Pennick.

Financing Faithwalkers

The Budget and Allocations committee approved a $1,632 request from The Awakening, a campus ministry at UNF that is partnered with Awaken Church in Jacksonville. The Awakening group requested funds to send 11 students to the Faithwalkers Conference in Asheville, N.C that they have been attending for five years.

Student Government has either partially or fully funded the trip since 2012, and a total of over 100 UNF students have attended.

The travel request form reads: “This conference will be based on the fundamental principle of love, character, and discipline that are core tenant [sic] in the bible. These attributes will be communicated to the remaining UNF community through our various outreach events in [the] spring.”

Before the committee voted, Chairman Christopher Jordan said that senators are prohibited from taking religious beliefs or political views into consideration when making a decision.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) and currently enrolled A&S fee-paying students can request funding for travel through SG. The requests are dealt with in the Budget and Allocations committee, and don’t have to get Senate approval unless it is vetoed by the SG President or does not pass in the B&A committee.

There are rules and regulations dictating the allocation and use of travel funds, which can be found in the UNF SG Finance Code (Title VII).  


A University-Wide Committee wants to raise the price of Blue permit parking passes and decrease the price of gray passes. What do you think?

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  1. nice, informative article! but, you always capitalize Bible 🙂

  2. Bible is always capitalized in reference to sacred Christian writings comprising the Old Testament and New Testament. However, when using to describe a publication that is preeminent in authority or readership, do not capitalize bible. (Ex. This manual is the bible of the gourmet world.)

  3. Josh Goldstein

    Build another parking lot for blue passes… Raising the prices of these passes is absurd considering UNF doesn’t have the parking to accommodate those who purchase the blue passes already. Lowering the prices of the grey passes does next to nothing since students purchase blue lot passes for the so called “convince” that UNF is supposed to provide. Also every time the ad in the upper right hand corner changes the page itself moves up and down (just thought I should let you know to fix it)

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