Students not voting on senators in SG election

Students can vote a few SG issues starting next week.Photo by Morgan Purvis
Students can vote a few SG issues starting next week.Photo by Morgan Purvis

While everyone else was focusing on the presidential race, Student Government has been preparing for their fall elections on Oct. 25-26. Although students won’t vote on who gets Senate seats, there are two plebiscites and one constitutional referendum on the ballot next week.

A plebiscite is a nonbinding vote on a proposed law, constitutional referendum, or significant public issue. These will ask for student opinions about guns on campus and Florida Bright Futures scholarships for the summer semester.

Students voted last year against having concealed firearms on campus.

A constitutional referendum (CR) is an amendment to the SG Constitution and Statutes that the student body has a direct, democratic vote on. The Senate passed the Referendum as a formality which approved it for the ballot.

Students will not be able to vote on their student representatives because this is a non-contested election. There are 16 students running under the Red Party and four students running independently, totaling to twenty candidates.

The total number of senate seats available? Twenty. A total of 23 students filled out a “Declaration of Intent” but because of GPA requirements or other restraints, are not part of the election.

Polls will be set up in front of the library and at the Student Union from 9 a.m.- 7 p.m. Oct. 25 and 26. Online voting is also available through MyWings starting at 9 a.m. on Wednesday, Oct. 25 until 7 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 26.

Here’s what the ballot will look like at the polls (and online):


  1. Current state law prohibits the open or concealed carrying of weapons or firearms into university facilities, even with a concealed carry permit. In this year’s Legislative session, a law has been proposed that would reverse this.
    Do you support or oppose a law that would allow weapons and firearms into university facilities with a concealed carry permit?

__ Support
__ Oppose
__ Neutral

  1. Currently Florida Bright Futures Scholarships are only applied to tuition expenses during the fall and spring semesters. According to the Bright Futures Student Handbook, “Bright Futures awards are not available for the summer term.” Additionally, students are required to take nine summer term credit hours in order to Graduate.
    If you receive a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship, would you be more likely to take more summer classes if Bright Futures funding expanded to assist with tuition expenses for summer classes?

__ Yes
__ No
__ I do not receive a Florida Bright Futures Scholarship

Constitutional Referendum

CR-16F-3045: Extending Judicial Responsibilities through Policies and Procedures — This bill would allow for the Judicial Branch of Student Government to establish their own Policies and Procedures without having to obtain approval from another branch. Both the Legislative Branch and the Executive Branch currently have the ability to establish their own Policies and Procedures without approval from another branch. All Policies and Procedures from any branch may not conflict with the Student Government Constitution and Statutes.

A vote of “yea” to affirm a Constitutional Referendum would be a vote to make effective the appropriate changes to the Student Government Constitution effective immediately. A vote of “nay” to defeat a Constitutional Referendum would be a vote to negate any and all changes proposed by the referendum. All Constitutional Referendums must receive a majority affirmation by the Student Body to be considered passed under the Constitution.

For more information about elections visit the UNF SG Website.

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