Blue lift blocks sidewalk in front of J. Brooks Brown Hall

Noor Ashouri

Photo by Keri Weiland
The blue lift sits outside of J. Brooks Brown Hall.

A blue lift near J. Brooks Brown Hall leading to Peace Plaza blocked the sidewalk for students today.

Stephen Fagan, the assistant director of UNF Physical Facilities, said the lift has been traveling from the Biological Sciences Building to J. Brooks Brown Hall for several weeks to fix leaks.

Fagan said the lift was making repairs associated with J. Brooks Brown Hall Monday when hydraulic problems related to the lift occurred. These problems include hoses on the lift rupturing, which caused the lift to become immobile for the night.

Fagan said a truck has been sent out to repair the lift, so that it can be moved from the sidewalk near J. Brooks Brown Hall to a safe location by the end of the business day.

Leak repairs will continue through the middle of next month, Fagan said, and students are not notified when such repairs occur.

Because of the lift is parked on the sidewalk, foot traffic must travel on the grass around the lift.

Thomas Gutierrez, a UNF classical performance junior, rode his skateboard through the grass. He said the disruption the lift caused did not bother him because he prefers skateboarding in the grass.

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