Committee Meetings: New SG members, funding requests and Osprey Voice

Colin McCann

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The University and Student Affairs Committee (part of the Legislative Branch) along with various members of SG work together on Osprey Voice. Photo by Colin McCann.

Government Oversight

On Friday, Sept. 22, the Government Oversight (GO) committee meeting convened to discuss and vote on two potential judicial appointments and two potential senate appointments.

To assess their knowledge and decision-making style, the potential judicial appointments are given four possible scenarios they might face as Associate Justices.

The first potential appointment was Freshman and philosophy major, with a concentration in law, Bryson Valentine. According to Student Body President Samantha Mims, Valentine was the first person to get all four scenarios correct.

“I’m going to stand up for what I think is right,” said Valentine. “At the end of the day, if the majority overrules me, then the majority overrules me. That’s how our system works.” Valentine’s application was approved with a vote of 4 to 0, and sent to senate for confirmation.

The second potential judicial appointment was Sophomore political science major Mary Johns, who said she has a strong passion for the law. President Mims was also impressed with Jones, as she got 3 out of the 4 scenarios correct.

“Instead of just stating your opinion, you have to back it up with facts,” Mims said. “And she did that on her own.” Jones’ application follows Valentine’s to Senate, with a vote of 3 to 1. If Jones’ and Valentine’s applications are confirmed by senate, there will still be one open Associate Justice position.

University Student Affairs (USA) Committee

The committee, headed by Chairwoman Megan Kovac, discussed and voted on the acceptance of Osprey Voice questions. Osprey Voice is a survey to get student opinions on a variety of topics, such as bus routes or places to eat on campus, and the results are used to create legislation.

Osprey Productions Director Rachel Bryant also submitted questions. Hers, regarding future Osprey Production events, were accepted. Additional questions regarding the UNF skate park, which no longer exists, were postponed to the next USA meeting.

Club Funding Board

UNF’s Club Funding Board also met on Friday to vote on five different requests. All approved requests were sent to Student Body Vice President Cole Poppell, who has up to five business days to either veto or accept the grant.

The first request was made by the American Chemical Society for $195. This money would be used for food and prizes to hopefully increase attendance and incentivise getting involved with the club. The club said that by attracting more students, awareness will increase, and off-campus events will lead to better representation of UNF. The request was approved.

Next, Leaders and Activists for the Disabled requested $990 to be used on supplies for their upcoming Week of Insight. There will be two days of physical activities allowing non-disabled individuals to see what it’s like to be deaf or blind, as well as discussions. This request was also approved.

University Christian Outreach asked for $330 to supply food for their meetings.Treasurer Chris Jordan requested to see more fundraising from the club, saying he believes it will help the club grow in the process. The committee agreed, approving the requested with the amended total of $248.

The Health Administration Student Association requested $500 for food and supplies for local healthcare executives to come speak to students on topics like career development and personal experiences in the profession. The club is requesting grant money for the first time, as they recently stopped requiring dues from their members. This is to give more students the opportunity to join, despite financial insecurities. The request was approved.

The Musical Theater Club’s $222.63 request for club advertising was approved. The club also requested money during the Budgets and Allocations meeting but that is kept separate, as the club considers its’ production/theater side to be different from the general club side.

Budget and Allocations Committee

The Budget and Allocations meeting began with Sophomore and former senator Austin Belet* speaking on behalf of the Musical Theater Club. According to Belet, the local theater community has expressed interest in the upcoming school production, which will be UNF’s first musical. The musical is called 9 to 5, and it is based off of a comedy from 1980.

The Osprey Raiders requested $782.80 to represent UNF at the 33rd annual Army 10-miler in Washington D.C. The money will go towards transportation for four days and partial lodging. An amendment was made to the request, requiring that the club appear before senate upon their return to give a presentation of what they accomplished. The travel request was accepted with a vote of 4 to 0.

The first special request was concerning EOY Encumbrance Rollovers, which are leftover funds from the previous fiscal year. The request was sponsored by B&A Chair Schilkofski, and it does not affect available special request funds. The request was accepted with a vote of 4 to 0, resulting in $65,072.66 being transferred from the Fiscal Year 2017-2018 Activity and Service Fee Fund Balance to the Student Government Executive Branch ($51,673.06) and Campus Recreation ($13,399.60).

The special request made by the UNF Musical Theatre Club for $9,076.46 was approved. Club President Madeline Aquino said they began with only 12 students in 2016, and it now has over 60. The club has already raised over $2,000, and as Belay stated, paves the way for UNF representation. Additionally, the production will be free of charge for both UNF students and non-students. Senator Kyle Cohen also noted that the club benefits UNF in that almost every department is represented by its members.

The Finance and Investment Society and the Financial Planning Association for $1,832.50. The two clubs said they would use the money for their annual banquet on October 6, where students and students and business professionals interact over dinner. The request was denied, and President Mims stated that there was a lack of preparation on the club’s part, as well as a lack of effort to get outside of SG funding.

Bryson Valentine speaks before the Government Oversight Committee on Sept. 22.

Two Constitutional Revision Forums are being held on September 25, and another will take place on the 27th. The next senate meeting will be Friday, Sept. 29.

*REVISION: “Belet” was initially spelled as “Belay.”


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