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Students with umbrellas, rain coats and a pride flag gather around a preacher on the Green

Students raise concerns for their safety on campus in discussion on campus preachers

Mallory Pace and Nathan Turoff September 22, 2022

“Misrepresenting the Bible” and “hate speech.” Those are two phrases University of North Florida (UNF) students used to describe preachers on the Green during an open floor discussion led by...

Photo credit Dan Parker.

“Administration is not doing enough”: SDS speaks on neo-Nazis, campus preachers, and activism

Courtney Green, News Editor November 22, 2019

Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) is a student-led activist group on campus. They campaign around equity and social justice on campus, tackling big issues like racism and LGBT rights. From a standpoint...

U.S. flag

Opinions: Campus preachers have rights too

Matthew Caballero, Opinions Reporter October 16, 2019

As the byproduct of a Cuban family, I am keenly aware of the importance of a liberal approach to free speech.  One of the great traditions of the liberal movement in America is a voracious defense of...

A preacher on the Green.

Osprey Roundtable shows students are made uncomfortable by campus preachers and speakers

Alex Del Dago, Student Government Reporter March 19, 2019

A recent survey conducted by Student Government finds that students are overall uncomfortable with the presence and speech of the preachers and speakers on campus. Conducted by the University and Student...

A preacher on the Green.

Preachers on campus: How are they still here?

Laura S. Rivera-Lopez February 3, 2020

On a typical day at UNF, Vladimir Ronda was on campus sitting on the bench, just out of one class and thinking about another, when a preacher came up to him and started a conversation, asking Ronda what...

A preacher on the Green.

Why are preachers on the Green allowed? Campus religious leaders give their take

John Newsom January 29, 2019

Campus preachers have become aggressive enough that the UNF Interfaith Center has planned an open forum for students and faculty to discuss the issue. Students and even other campus ministers are reporting...

UNF student responsible for recent anti-Semitic material found on campus; JSU and SDS speaks out

UNF student responsible for recent anti-Semitic material found on campus; JSU and SDS speaks out

Darvin Nelson, Editor-in-Chief April 7, 2021

Are neo-Nazis back on campus? Spinnaker reported yesterday that “QR codes leading to anti-Semitic propaganda were found on the doors of several professors within the Social Sciences building.” This...

A preacher on the Green.

“Do not engage”: UNF and UPD comment on recent protest against YouTube preachers on the green

Courtney Green, News Editor October 14, 2019

After multiple protests against a preaching group known as Untamed Truth, the University has provided Spinnaker with a statement regarding the group’s right to be there, as well as advice for students. “Thus...

Courtesy of Student Government

Student Government addresses campus safety

Emily Echevarria, Student Government reporter October 14, 2019

Halloween is just around the corner, and at this time of year, we tend to matriculate towards haunted houses, horror movies, and other spooky things. People love to be scared, but one place you shouldn’t...

Dean of Students and Ombuds respond to preachers and protesters on the Green

Courtney Green, News Editor October 10, 2019

For the second week in a row now, students protested preachers on the Green. This time, it got the attention of the Dean of Students and the Ombuds. Dr. Andrea Adams-Manning, Dean of Students, along...

Protestors on the green at UNF

Students protest preachers on the Green

Heydi Ortiz and Brett Newia October 3, 2019

In the mid-afternoon heat of Oct. 2, upset students protested preachers on the Green who they said made them feel uncomfortable and made rude remarks toward others walking by. “ ‘We practice beastiality,’...

Courtesy of Student Government

Student government to address on campus harassment, parking issues

Emily Echevarria, Student government reporter September 16, 2019

The University and Student Affairs Committee of student government met Friday, Sep.13 to revise proposed legislation addressing harassment from visitors on campus. Most students will recall the viral...

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