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UNF Spinnaker

UNF's #1 Student-Run News Source

UNF Spinnaker

 Photo by Colin McCann.

Parking permits start opening for purchase, tips for getting one

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor July 18, 2022

Parking has been a long-documented issue for many UNF students, with one recurring complaint being a lack of parking spots near the classrooms.  One contributing factor to this issue is that only a...

Parked cars sit on the bottom floor of the Fine Arts Center Parking Garage (Building 44).

UNF Winter Break Parking Services Updates

Darvin Nelson, General Assignment Reporter December 23, 2021

During the Winter Break, numerous on-campus parking garages will be temporarily closed due to maintenance.  The UNF Fine Arts Center Parking Garage, Building 44, will be closed through Sunday, Jan....

The sky glows a gorgeous rosy red as the sun disappears over the horizon of the Thomas G. Carpenter Library parking lot.

Parking tickets turn digital at UNF

Julia Croston, Government Reporter December 6, 2021

UNF Parking Services has permanently swapped their parking tickets from the physical to the digital realm.  In the past, parking tickets were given as a physical copy along with a non-descriptive email...

 Photo by Tristan Reyes

UNF Parking Director answers questions about UNF’s parking pains

Darvin Nelson, General Assignment Reporter September 4, 2021

It was clear in our previous article that many Ospreys are not happy with some aspects of parking at UNF. Whether it’s parking tickets or not enough convenient parking, the UNF community is left with...

Ospreys share their thoughts on UNF parking; Parking Director shares tips to avoid a parking ticket

Ospreys share their thoughts on UNF parking; Parking Director shares tips to avoid a parking ticket

Darvin Nelson, General Assignment Reporter August 30, 2021

“Passes are way too expensive to not be able to find a spot,” said one student. “It is trash! They stay giving tickets for nothing,” said another Osprey. “There’s not enough parking for staff...

Photo by UNF spinnaker

Freshmen Guide to Parking at UNF

Nathan Turoff, Features Editor August 23, 2021

To an incoming Freshman, driving and parking on campus here at UNF can seem overwhelming. What is a gray lot? What is a blue lot? Do I need to place a permit hanging in my car? Spinnaker is here to help...

The words Police Beat are written in red and white, surrounded by a white square outline. In the background, a University of North Florida Police Department cruiser is tinted blue.

$3,000 worth of equipment missing from UNF construction site, police say; Graffiti spotted in parking garage

Ketan Narotam, Police Reporter January 27, 2021

UPD’s Officers were dispatched to the construction site at Building 46 to investigate the burglary, committed on Monday evening, Jan. 27, 2021.  On Monday, construction workers left two red Honda...

Whats up with parking tickets? SG gives insight into the process

What’s up with parking tickets? SG gives insight into the process

Nathan Turoff, Student Government Reporter November 20, 2020

Parking is seen as one of the most daunting and challenging aspects of campus life by many students. Even with a lower number of on-campus residents, finding parking and not getting ticketed still proves...

Workers continue construction on the Student Union steps Photo: Cameron Visconti

Construction at the Arena Parking Garage and the Student Union

John Watson, Sports Editor May 22, 2020

Featured Image and Gallery: Cameron Visconti Small changes and construction at UNF's Jacksonville campus will be completed before students resume classes on-campus in the near future. The University...

Courtesy of Student Government

Plagued by parking

Emily Echevarria, Student Government Reporter October 6, 2019

It’s arguably the worst part of the day, a time that inspires dread and malcontent in all. Trying to find parking on UNF’s campus is no joke. Parking on campus can sometimes take up to an hour,...

Courtesy of Student Government

Student government to address on campus harassment, parking issues

Emily Echevarria, Student government reporter September 16, 2019

The University and Student Affairs Committee of student government met Friday, Sep.13 to revise proposed legislation addressing harassment from visitors on campus. Most students will recall the viral...

UNFPD police cars. Photo by Lili Weinstein

Police beat: An unexpected delivery, a stolen bike, dorm disputes and a parking ticket

Alex Bowman, Police Reporter September 9, 2019

Did Pacific Sun deliver a pair of jeans or a piece of rusty metal? On Aug. 28, UNFPD was dispatched to The Flats in response to a call about a theft. Upon arrival, the officer met with the victim...

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