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UNF Professor John Parmelee discusses his book “Politics and the Twitter Revolution”

Hope Griffin

April 18, 2012

By: Hope Griffin, Contributing Writer UNF Associate Professor of Communication John Parmelee held a presentation at the Student Union April 3 emphasizing Twitter’s impact on national politics. His book, “Politics and the...

UNF Senate lowers SG GPA requirements, simplifies travel request process

Greg Parlier

February 2, 2012

By: Greg Parlier, Editor In Chief   The UNF Student Government Senate meeting lasted more than three hours Jan. 30 as senators engaged in an extended discussion over appropriate requirements for SG members’ grade...

Athletes aren’t just your entertainment puppet


January 25, 2012

By: Josh Brannock, Sports Editor   Athletes are a rare breed. They are put on display in front of millions of people and are expected to perform at a nearly superhuman level, but if they screw up, it’s all fair game wh...

Athletes’ academic requirements toughen, UNF is more than ready


January 18, 2012

While the NCAA has raised the Academic Progress Rate (APR) required for postseason play, UNF’s lowest-scoring sports satisfy the new requirements. Set for the 2014-15 season, the new four-year APR required will be 930, up from...

Know how to note

October 28, 2010

Men’s soccer falls below NCAA’s academic standards


June 24, 2010

The UNF men's soccer team fell below the required number of academic points needed to avoid a public notice.When the NCAA announced its penalties for academic performance, UNF took immediate action and may have escaped some penalti...

Army program provides leadership training


January 21, 2009

A new Army ROTC program has been established at UNF. The four-year training program can be chosen as an addition to students’ original program of study and will prepare students for future careers in the U.S. Army or...

Game plan: Win academically


January 14, 2009

Being a Division I athlete at UNF and bringing the same competitiveness they show on the court into the classroom can be a full-time job. UNF student athletes, with an overall average GPA of 3.0, recently warranted national...

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