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Spinnaker TV

Assistant Producer (5 hrs weekly)

The Assistant Producer is responsible for assisting the entertainment division of Spinnaker Television.  All non-news programming falls under the direction of the Assistant Producer. The Assistant Producer should have some experience in creative productions. They must be organized and able to work with other staff to create a well known program and have a good understanding of video, cameras, non-linear editing and video file formats.

Assistant Video Editor (5 hrs weekly)

The video editor is responsible for aiding and assisting Spinnaker TV in all aspects of video pre and post-production. This includes, but is not limited to, producing still image graphics, motion graphics, and video post-production work utilizing the full Adobe Suite. All content produced by Spinnaker Television falls under the General Manager or editing director who will assign tasks to each video editor as they see fit. Experience with the Adobe suite is not mandatory, but is HIGHLY preferred.

TV News Producer (15 hrs weekly)

The News Producer is responsible for the pre-production, production, and post-production of all Spinnaker Television-produced news shows. The News Producer must be familiar with the skills and technology necessary to create and maintain the shows produced at Spinnaker Television. The position requires a positive, motivated person with a good understanding of video cameras, nonlinear editing, and video file formats. The News Producer must truly care about news, pay attention to all forms of news— including breaking news.

TV Program Director (5 hrs weekly)

The Program Director is responsible for what, how much, and when content will be played. The Program Director will be constantly seeking new programming that fits the format chosen by the Station Manager and guided by the mission statement. The Program Director will be familiar with Spinnaker Television content policies, including what is and is not considered appropriate content and when certain content can be aired.  The Program Director must be able to take students’ feedback and turn it into improved content and schedules. The position requires a positive, motivated person with a knack for understanding viewers’ tastes and the ability to satisfy those tastes. The Program Director will also be responsible for programming the Wellness Channel server. The Program Director will communicate directly with the Wellness Center regarding what content to post and when to post.

Spinnaker News Department

General Assignment Reporter (5 hrs)

Reporters are responsible for regularly covering news, features and sports stories as assigned by the appropriate editor. Reporters must make deadline, double-check facts, never plagiarize, exhibit fairness, learn/use basics of reporting, writing, editing, photography, videography, audio production, contribute story ideas to the editor, complete at least two publishable, compelling, timely multimedia stories/photo galleries/video clips per week, go over each assignment with the editor, including sources and records that should be secured; follow-up with the editor after crucial reporting is done to give the story in a sentence; edit first draft with editor; produce subsequent drafts as needed, participate in the Emergency Breaking News on-call team, and attend weekly news meeting unless excused.

Opinions Reporter (5 hrs)

Opinions reporters are responsible for writing 2-3 opinion pieces a week. These opinions can be on national, international, local and UNF related topics.

Broadcast News/Radio Reporter (5 hrs)

The news anchor/reporter/producer for Spinnaker TV and Spinnaker Radio is responsible for producing and hosting a daily morning news update (airing no later than 10 a.m.) on both platforms. They are also responsible for updating news segments if events warrant during the course of the day.

Spinnaker Creative Services Department

Graphic Design Editor (10 hrs weekly)

The graphic designer editor is responsible for creating information graphics and illustrations for Spinnaker Media. The designer editor guides the designers in using photographs, tables, charts or other art elements to convey information in an attractive, interactive, and effective manner. The work includes the creation of other project work, including graphics, signage, promotional materials, and ads. The position requires an imaginative person with an artistic eye and experience creating quality content who is familiar with graphics and illustrating software, especially the Adobe Creative software line.




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