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Presumptuous Facebook users demand, ‘Give us money for your free service’


February 11, 2012

By: Ryan Thompson, Features Editor   In an element-torn corner in a forgotten part of UNF sleeps the Business Day section of the Feb. 6 New York Times, dirtied from a campus cursed with continuous construction and the inherent...

You play ball like a girl: Women’s rugby kicks off at UNF


January 26, 2011

Have you ever wanted to just run and tackle someone and not get in trouble for it? If so, there is a brand new club at UNF for you. One of the newest clubs at UNF is the woman’s rugby team that just started this spring. Rugby...

Your info: on expo


August 12, 2009

As the popularity of Facebook transcends MySpace, issues of personal information security have arisen, transforming fun ap­plications into risky ventures. “There’s a different type of prob­lem with Facebook that people ...

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