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UNF Senate lowers SG GPA requirements, simplifies travel request process

Greg Parlier

February 2, 2012

By: Greg Parlier, Editor In Chief   The UNF Student Government Senate meeting lasted more than three hours Jan. 30 as senators engaged in an extended discussion over appropriate requirements for SG members’ grade...

Letter to the Editor

October 21, 2011

OTV News Oct. 11

October 12, 2011

B&A committee deemed it necessary to freeze Spinnaker’s funding


April 5, 2011

The UNF Student Government voted March 28 to freeze the Spinnaker’s funding for three days, but senators now agree this decision was based on poor information. The Budget and Allocations committee froze $66,000, which makes...

Headed to the swamp

February 23, 2011

‘Cause I’m coming home again


February 8, 2011

Homecoming Committee with the task of planning basketball-centric days of festivities. Not only is Nest Fest 2011 basketball-centric, it is also Spirit Cup-centric. The committee has two silver trophies for the first and...

Pwning n00bs for a cause

February 1, 2011

British Invasion

January 19, 2011

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