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Top Five Duets

October 12, 2010

An open letter to parties involved in the ‘Ground Zero Mosque’ farce


August 17, 2010

To conservative pundits and Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf: Put down your scripts and get off the stage. And to the playhouse – the media: you’re the most despicable of all for giving this so much press. In putting this story at ce...

It’s official: The crazies have taken over the asylum


September 16, 2009

The bizarre, intellectually vapid and conspiracy thirsty right-wing extremists that collectively comprise the Tea Party movement, marched on Capitol Hill this weekend with great fanfare from Fox “News” and its deranged cabal...

Season to give, not receive


December 3, 2008

While different world religions celebrate their own holidays in various ways, there is one common ideal that can be found in them all: We should give back to others. A large number of Americans, despite their religious beliefs,...

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