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British Invasion

January 19, 2011

ZenCog(gin) business gets the fun between your legs


January 26, 2010

One might say that downtown Jacksonville plays host to a neat little biking community, especially in the fixed-gear littered streets of Riverside and Avondale (and OK, maybe Jax Beach's well-beach-cruised roads). One might also...

Lockedown: Jacksonville hip-hop staple poised to set the place ablaze once airborne in his ‘Rocketship


October 13, 2009

Paten Locke drops his debut full-length bomb OK, “Gilligan’s Island.” If you’ve ever caught the 1960s show on TV Land or wherever, you’ve caught the gist: It started out as a three-hour tour, but the slew of folks...

Students around nation fall victim to identity theft on campus


September 24, 2009

A University of North Texas senior received a shock when he discovered $1,919 missing from his bank account. Apparently the funds had been used in Baltimore — a city Phil Banker had never been to. The fraud was probably made po...

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