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All content by Katie Gile

Tips for a fun last-minute Halloween

Katie Gile October 31, 2012

It's All Hallows Eve and your plan to give candy to the neighborhood kids – or hog it all and pretend nobody's home -- fell through courtesy of a socialite friend or two. They have a Halloween party...

Movie Review: ‘Pitch Perfect’ hits all the right notes

Katie Gile October 16, 2012

Welcoming the fall season with open arms is the auto-tuned, hilarious love letter to collegiate a capella, Pitch Perfect. In essence, imagine Glee without the hallway drama, with an added a...

Movie Review: ‘Lawless’ triumphs with moonshine to spare

Katie Gile October 2, 2012
With an issue that's recently come back into fame courtesy of the Emmy Award-winning series Boardwalk Empire, Lawless brings bootlegging to the big screen.

Movie Review: ‘The Possession’ wins with screams, subtlety

Katie Gile September 18, 2012
'The Possession' gives horror fans the special effects and gore they expect, but doesn't overdo it.

Movie Review: Premium Rush pedals a “greener” kind of action flick

Katie Gile September 4, 2012
In this action-thriller, Bike messengers own the streets alongside Joseph Gordon-Levitt. I have a feeling local bike stores are about to get a whole lot more business.

Movie Review: ‘The Campaign’ dishes out social critique, belly laughs

Katie Gile August 27, 2012
By all accounts, walking into The Campaign, I was ready for a brainless few hours of physical humor and loud laughs. The casting of Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis, the brash, goofy humor associated with the duo and the film's overall scale led me to expect an over-the-top political comedy. Though entirely goofy and a riotous good time, the film was in no way brainless.

5k tests athletes’ focus at final day of NCAA East Preliminaries

Katie Gile May 28, 2012
A hazy May twilight descended upon the final races of the Division I NCAA East Preliminary Round Saturday, May 26, as the packed crowd filling Hodges Stadium surrounded the fleet-footed competitors with wave after wave of palpable energy.

UNF campus religious center in the works

Katie Gile April 9, 2012
Students may have the opportunity to get in touch with their spiritual side when a non-denominational building opens on campus.

Fair labor clothing goes in stock at the campus bookstore

Katie Gile April 6, 2012
One brand available in the UNF Bookstore keeps its prices competitive but improves life for its employees.

A guide to First Coast diner digs

Katie Gile April 6, 2012
Order up Jacksonville diners serve up home cooking and a plateful of history.

From ‘Mad Magazine’ to mad paneling

Katie Gile March 21, 2012
As comics make a pop culture comeback, a UNF professor plans to fill his classroom with their style.

“Oh, no you didn’t, Oscar!”

Katie Gile March 2, 2012
The Academy Awards left talent in the dust sans-award. Read on for a movie fanatic's take on it.

UNF partnership facilitates first on-campus dolphin necropsy

Katie Gile March 1, 2012
Students lend a hand in a first-for-UNF marine mammal dissection

UNF Campus Update

Katie Gile February 22, 2012
Construction on campus is leading the way to new buildings and shuttle routes. Check out all the upcoming changes to campus in this article.

Liquid sleep: my addiction, my adoration

Katie Gile February 22, 2012
One reporter adresses the pros and cons of a much-loved cup o' joe.

Gifting from the heart

Katie Gile February 21, 2012

By: Katie Gile, Staff Writer   As the chestnuts roast and carols sail out of mall speakers, the madness of the holiday season swells. Among the indulgent dressing binges and tryptophan highs...

President Obama announces birth control policy

Katie Gile February 19, 2012
New mandate covers contraceptives, causing mixed reactions.

I hate/love Valentine’s Day

Katie Gile February 11, 2012
When their life refuses to be a rom com, girls should try these tips in lieu of a nervous breakdown.

UNF, Florida Student Association rally in Tallahassee

Katie Gile February 2, 2012
While the media frenzy grew in Jacksonville, UNF student officials took their voice to the Capitol.

"So, what’s your story?" Hip-Hop Happenings

Katie Gile January 25, 2012
B-boys bring hip hop flavor to an unlikely location.

One nation, apathetic

Katie Gile January 25, 2012
Impending elections find some students uninterested in the Republican race.

I Love the ‘90s

Katie Gile January 17, 2012
If you’re reading this, you were alive during the ‘90s. Celebrate those youthful years with a flashback to the times of Tommy Pickles and Courtney Love.

Winter comes to UNF

Katie Gile January 11, 2012
UNF gets frosty Osprey Productions ushers in a winter wonderland fit for the chilly temps.

Students Choose Jesus, Einstein as Dream Professors

Katie Gile November 16, 2011
Dream Professors - Find out which two famous people top the Spinnaker’s informal survey asking the question: Who would you want to teach at UNF?

Get hooked on Robin Rütenberg & Friends

Katie Gile November 9, 2011
Chameleon Eyes - A UNF alumna croons and a UNF student drums in Jacksonville folk band Robin Rütenberg and Friends. Love might be your religion, but this band doesn’t pray anymore.

College degrees and bankruptcies in tandem

Katie Gile October 12, 2011
Degrees Aren’t Everything - Correlation between degrees and bankruptcies

Hangtags gone like the Dodo

Katie Gile September 8, 2011
Stickers have replaced hangtags at UNF. Students voice their concerns over new parking policy.
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