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Beef and potatoes: Minus the beef … and the butter … OK, just potatoes


April 13, 2010

For the March 9 edition of the Spinnaker, Features Editor Beca Grimm asked me to investigate a phenomenon known as “Meatless Mondays.” In the course of doing a story about this international campaign to reduce meat consumption,...

How to melt down from meaty to meager immediately


March 30, 2010

If foregoing breakfast isn’t an option, try these tricks with any morning spread. Breakfast: 1. Before consuming any actual food (and you really shouldn’t), copious amounts of phenphedrine and Liporexall will give the...

UNF offers students health insurance plan


January 28, 2009

During tumultuous economic periods, parents and college students are increasingly looking to more cost effective health insurance plans. Many are students at an in-between period where they are dropped by their parents’ insurance...

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