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Legs = the new leggings: The strip-down on warm-weather fashion


March 30, 2010

Models aren’t the only things getting thinner this season, pants, too, are evolving into thin air. JNCOs were cool in elementary school, and then the trends went slimmer, to bell-bottoms. The little flare that was left was stitched...

Top Five Songs to Get Frisky to


September 16, 2009

Ooh yeah. To keep with the theme of this week’s paper, James thought it would be relevant to tailor the Top Five and follow suit. Always one to follow orders, I concocted a recipe of Top Five Songs to Get Frisky to — interpret...

Feminist visits campus to promote leadership style


March 25, 2009

Your palms sweat while holding your resume, waiting for the interviewer to decide your career’s fate. Luckily, you took the time earlier to pick out just the right business suit and iron the wrinkles, giving you a feeling o...

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