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Boxing Club: Putting the cheapest of the cheap bagged wines head-to-head


April 13, 2010

You might not recognize the man who passed March 30 by his name, Thomas Agnove, but you would certainly recognize the invention he crafted in 1965 which made him famous and rest of us drunk, for a bargain. Yes, unfortunately folks,...

"BEER OF THE WEEK": Smirnoff Ice Strawberry Acai A healthy punch to the liver and gag reflex


March 30, 2010

As I approached the counter at my locally owned liquor store (I have abandoned that alphabet-themed behemoth), I felt a chill. “What am I getting myself into?” I asked while shuffling through the contents of my pocket in...

Grapey Grins and Gripes: Smoking Loon deliciously indulges dark red quaffers


February 16, 2010

The entrance price barrier for most wines at local grocery stores and wine specialty shops are typically very low, but with that also comes the ubiquitous horrible bottle of wine from time to time. Before I go any further,...

"Top Five" Non-Cliche Love Songs


February 11, 2009

As  you might have noticed, there are no Valentine’s articles in this section. Simply put, Valentine’s Day is a cliché – a commercial holiday created by greeting card companies to make people feel miserable for: A.) Not...

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