How Student Government is splitting this year’s $4 million

Lydia Moneir

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This year’s Activity and Service (A&S) fee budget is marked by one significant difference – funding from A&S fees and  Student Life and Service (SL&S) fees was switched around.

The A&S total budget for the 2014-15 fiscal year is $4,467,000.

The total A&S budget for the 2013-14 fiscal year was $4,497,690.


The following organizations will now be funded by the SL&S fee:

  • Intercultural Center for PEACE
  • Child Development Research Center
  • Women’s Center
  • International Center
  • Interfaith Center
  • LGBT Center
  • Aquatics Center


The following organizations and indexes will now be funded by the A&S fee:

  • Nest Fest/Homecoming
  • Jaguar Student Section Initiative
  • Summer B Novelty
  • Fall Harvest Festival
  • Winterfest
  • Summer B Movie Nights
  • Summer B Pool Party
  • Campus Movie Fest


Joseph Turner, SG Treasurer and sole candidate for SG President said these funds were moved and consolidated to make the budget more efficient.

General expenses for SG were combined under the Executive Branch, leading to equal cuts to the other branches. Turner said this makes it easier to keep track of funds, rather than having each individual branch duplicate smaller requests. He said it would lead to less expenditure if the funds were consolidated under one person or one branch.

Turner said many of the budget increases, such as those to the Spinnaker and were for salaries because the Federal minimum wage increase this year.

Turner said the way he sees the A&S budget it as split into four major expenses: Student Government, Spinnaker Media, Recreation and the Student Union.


The Budget and Allocations Committee made the following cuts:

  • -$34,003 from the SG Business branch
  • -$15,007 from the UNF Arena wages
  • -$11,694 from the SG Legislative branch
  • -$8,000 from Spinnaker print
  • -$5,973 from the Student Wellness Center
  • -$1,995 from Business Overhead
  • -$1,569 from the SG Judicial branch


The Budget and Allocations Committee increased the following funds:

  • +$75,634 to Osprey Productions
  • +$36,300 to Recreational and Intramural Sports
  • +$29,033 to Homecoming
  • +$23,763 to the SG Executive Branch
  • +$20,000 to Club Alliance/Club funding
  • +$14,292 to Salary Reserves
  • +$13,109 to the Student Union
  • +$11,595 to Spinnaker TV
  • +$10,620 to Club Alliance
  • +$10,000 to Student Conference Travel
  • +$5,523 to the Lend-A-Wing Pantry
  • +$4,393 to Spinnaker Media
  • +$2,477 to Spinnaker Radio


The A&S Budget forum will take place Feb. 4 in the SG Chambers, from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.

The forum is open to anyone wishing to ask questions or bring up points about the 2014-15 A&S fee budget.