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Einstein Bros. Bagels was the second most popular dining option following Chipotle Mexican Grill according to an Osprey Voice survey.

Photo by Michael Herrera

Einstein Bros. Bagels fits right in at UNF’s Student Union

Lydia Moneir September 15, 2015
The newest restaurant at UNF’s Student Union held its grand opening on Sept. 15, and it is the real deal.
Student Body President steps down after three months in office

Student Body President steps down after three months in office

Lydia Moneir July 28, 2015
Student Body President Shomari Gloster announced in a brief all-student email that he stepped down and his vice president was sworn in.
Parking changes: permit-based entrances and fewer Blue spots in Arena garage

Parking changes: permit-based entrances and fewer Blue spots in Arena garage

Lydia Moneir January 6, 2015
In time for spring semester, parking has undergone several changes with Arena Garage spaces reserved for faculty/staff and the new garage off Lot 12. The new garage's design has two separate entrances--one specifically for Blue permit holders and the other for Housing permit holders.
UNF sent out a crime alert about a burglary at their most recently acquired housing, the Flats.Photo by Blake Middleton

Suspect in The Flats wakes sleeping student

Lydia Moneir December 28, 2014

There was a series of burglaries at The Flats on Kernan on Dec. 27, according to a crime alert UNF emailed campus-wide later the same morning. UNFPD and the Jacksonville Sheriff's Office (JSO) responded...

Professor Paul Mason chosen as acting dean for Coggin College

Professor Paul Mason chosen as acting dean for Coggin College

Lydia Moneir December 5, 2014
Paul Mason, professor of economics at UNF, will be the acting dean of the Coggin College of Business at least through Spring of 2015 while the university searches for a permanent dean.

Turner cites same statute in third complaint against Ramirez, she responds

Lydia Moneir November 17, 2014
After business hours on Nov. 14, Student Body President Turner issued a third complaint against Senate President Ramirez for violating the same statute 408.4. In response, Ramirez issued six noncompliances on Nov. 17, one specifically to Senate President Pro-Tempore Gloster.

Unofficial SG election results released

Lydia Moneir October 31, 2014
Student Government posted unofficial election results announcing 20 new senators and both referendums passing.

Thrilling Dead postponed after downpour

Lydia Moneir October 30, 2014
Osprey Productions postponed 'Thrilling Dead' because the rain made it unsafe to use the equipment.

Rick Scott is coming to campus

Lydia Moneir October 29, 2014
News 104.5 WOKV is bringing ‘Stand Up For America,' an event featuring Rick Scott, Sean Hannity and Brian Kilmeade, to campus this Halloween.

News in brief: UNF has more Chinese culture and new UNFPD chief, human rights, haunted house

Lydia Moneir October 29, 2014
This week, UNF opens Confucius Institute, welcomes new UNFPD Chief, and celebrates Halloween.

Students choose their senators, vote on referendums

Lydia Moneir October 28, 2014
The first contested Student Government election for senate general seats begins today and ends Oct. 29. With 27 candidates--10 Independent and 17 Red Party, UNF students can vote at the three polling stations on campus or fill a ballot online.

Sixth annual leadership summit focuses on emotional intelligence

Lydia Moneir October 24, 2014
Oct. 24 marked the sixth year for the Leadership Summit hosted by the Taylor Institute. This year featured key note speakers and a panel concerning emotional intelligence.

UNF student deals with NYC Ebola scare

Lydia Moneir October 24, 2014
In response to the recent Ebola patient tested positive on Oct. 23, UNF advised a communications senior attending the annual CMJ conference in New York City that she can get tested for the virus. The student has agreed to check her temperature and follow precautions during her trip.

Student Government funds UNF Cru and Command+N Graphic Design Club

Lydia Moneir October 21, 2014
At the Budget and Allocations Committee meeting Oct. 20, the committee granted money to Christian organization CRU and the Command+N Graphic Design Club.

Second accusation, same statute

Lydia Moneir October 20, 2014
Student Body President Joseph Turner has filed a second notice of non-compliance against Senate President Kaitlin Ramirez just two days after SG judiciary issued their statement on State v. Ramirez.

Student Body President apologizes for racial slur ‘hiccup’

Lydia Moneir October 17, 2014
Student Body President Joseph Turner could be heard saying the word "n-----" as he addressed the Senate during the Oct. 13 meeting. Turner apologizes to those who were offended by the impressions of his nervous 'hiccup.'

Update: no punitive action taken against Senate President Kaitlin Ramirez

Lydia Moneir October 8, 2014
After deliberating over the legal definition of "passage" in the statute at hand, the Student Government (SG) judiciary decided against punitive action concerning Senate President Kaitlin Ramirez's violation of a constitutional statute.

Former UNF professor and chair of the Communication Department passes away

Lydia Moneir October 3, 2014
Dr. David Henry Goff, former professor and chair of the Communication Department at UNF, passed away on Sept. 30 at the age of 66. The memorial service will be held at the St. Johns Family Funeral Home at 2 p.m. on Oct. 4.

Wanted sex offender arrested in Ohio

Lydia Moneir September 25, 2014
The sex offender spotted on campus was arrested Sept. 22 in Ohio.

Armed robbery and kidnapping on campus

Lydia Moneir September 24, 2014
A drug deal gone awry Sept. 21 resulted in robbery, kidnapping and threats of murder. The following information is according to University of North Florida Police Department reports.

UNF Police Department has M16s

Lydia Moneir September 15, 2014
UNFPD currently has 11 M16s, and interim Chief of Police Charles Strudel plans on returning seven of them to the Department of Defense.

Free printing limited to one lab, SG fails to fully inform

Lydia Moneir September 10, 2014
Student Government has replaced the former 25 free prints initiative with a new free print lab, located in the Club Alliance office. The change was done to be more affordable for SG to provide UNF students with the printing service.

Jaguar fans take over Student Union

Lydia Moneir September 9, 2014
Jaguar fans pounce on Student Union to score discounted tickets. The Jacksonville Jaguars now sell discounted tickets to UNF students with a valid student ID.

Assistant director of Office of Sorority and Fraternity Life steps down

Lydia Moneir April 7, 2014
Laura Worrell, assistant director for OFSL, is stepping down to be closer to her family after four years at UNF.

Skate park closing without attendant

Lydia Moneir April 1, 2014
After the Activity and Service Fee budget cut funds for a skate park attendant, the park will be closed July 1 because Student Affairs believes UNF could be liable for injuries in the unattended park.

SG election cancelled; not enough students wanted to run

Lydia Moneir March 4, 2014
It has been two years since Student Government had a presidential election and now a full year since there was a senatorial election.

Evacuated for a toaster oven

Lydia Moneir March 3, 2014
Blaring alarms signaled that it was time to evacuate the Student Union at 11:45 a.m., but it was only a toaster oven.

How Student Government is splitting this year’s $4 million

Lydia Moneir February 4, 2014
See how the budget that comes from your A&S fees is broken down and which organizations will get fund cuts or increases.

Student fee budget presentations set

Lydia Moneir November 26, 2013
Student Fee Assessment Committee met to set the schedule departmental budget presentations and decide on student fee increases.

Pi Kappa Phi facing Student Conduct charges

Lydia Moneir November 22, 2013
Pi Kappa Phi's Zeta Zeta chapter faces Student Conduct charges for their involvement in a party last New Year's.

Water main broken and fixed

Lydia Moneir October 1, 2013
John Hale, Director of Physical facilities, told the Spinnaker that as of approximately 3:30 p.m., the main was fixed and the water had been restored to the affected buildings.

Bright Futures celebration

Lydia Moneir September 10, 2013
Ozzie the Osprey was dancing around the Student Union on Sept. 9 because the Florida Lottery and UNF’s Special Events coordinators co-hosted an event to celebrate and promote Bright Futures.

Police Beat Sep. 9

Lydia Moneir September 9, 2013
A student videotaped two students engaged in sexual activity without consent.

Police Beat Sept. 6

Lydia Moneir September 7, 2013

Compiled by Joseph Cook, contributing reporter Aug. 30 - Theft (Bldg. 45) A student reported some personal items stolen, six days after the theft occurred. The theft occurred while the student sat...

UPD Chief Retiring

Lydia Moneir September 5, 2013
Chief of the University Police Department, John Dean, gave an informal verbal comment that he was retiring.

Student Union birthday celebration

Lydia Moneir September 4, 2013
Many students may be surprised to learn the Student Union was built only four years ago. Current SU staff celebrated the building’s birthday Sept. 4 in one of its ballrooms.

“Tonight We Govern Egypt” – In the streets of Cairo

Lydia Moneir July 6, 2013
"Democracy is not a ballot box," Lydia Moneir, daily news editor, shares her experience as an Egyptian facing a second revolution.

Candlelight vigil held in memory of Myriam Lahcen

Lydia Moneir April 16, 2013
Candles and flowers were passed out to everyone who attended Myriam Lahcen’s memorial vigil on April 15.

Car crash on campus

Lydia Moneir April 1, 2013

On March 28, two vehicles were involved in a crash - a red Mitsubishi and a silver Mercedes SUV. Jacksonville Sheriff's Officers at the scene told the Spinnaker that Red was headed towards campus...

Spring Break crash leaves one student dead

Lydia Moneir March 25, 2013
UNF student Myriam Lahcen was killed in a car crash on March 16 while on Spring Break with friends in Cancun, Mexico.

Police Beat – March 12

Lydia Moneir March 12, 2013
A student is beaten and accused of snitching. Osprey Fountains see another marijuana bust.

Fine Arts Center garage temporarily closed

Lydia Moneir March 11, 2013

Garage 44, known as the Fine Arts garage, will be partly closed March 13 & 14. March 13 - the second, third and fourth floors will be cordoned off at Midnight. The floors will reopen at 9 p.m....

Skate park reopens

Lydia Moneir March 11, 2013

The skate park, closed since before Christmas for safety, was reopened March 11. After five years of rain and skating, the protective coat on UNF skate park ramps called SkateLite was cracking. This posed...

VP of Institutional Advance interim position filled

Lydia Moneir March 7, 2013

John Delaney appointed Ann McCullen to be the Interim Vice President of Institutional Affairs and the Interim Executive Director of the UNF Foundation, temporarily filling Pierre Allaire’s old position...

Police Beat March 6

Lydia Moneir March 7, 2013
March 4 Theft (Lot 46) - UPD investigated the theft of a student’s parking pass. March 5 Vehicle Collision (Lot 15) - A student working for Parking Services reported that she struck a parked van.

Cyclist hit on UNF crosswalk

Lydia Moneir February 19, 2013

On Feb. 12 the weather was mild, with passing clouds and visibility clear for 10 miles. That was when a cyclist was hit on the crosswalk in front of Garage 44. The car was driving north out of the...

Foot groper reported in library

Lydia Moneir February 6, 2013
Alyssa Heim, a UNF community health sophomore, called UPD an hour and a half after realizing that the young man who touched her feet did so under false pretenses.

Buckle up or get a ticket

Lydia Moneir January 14, 2013

Many have speculated that police departments tend to issue the most tickets at the end of the month simply to meet quotas. UNF Student Robert Picard conducted a study to find out if this was happening...

UNF student killed in New Year’s crash

Lydia Moneir January 9, 2013

On New Year’s day*, Florida Highway Patrol responded to a car crash that left UNF Student Dara Kusiv dead and three of her friends injured. At approximately 12:50 a.m., the silver Dodge truck veered...

UNF criminology professor charged with assault

Lydia Moneir December 3, 2012
A UNF professor was arrested early last thursday morning, after having reportedly thrown a woman against a wall, according to the police report. Professor of Criminology Daniel Patrick Pontzer, 37, was then taken to St John's County jail and later charged with battery.

Updates from Nov. 19 budget, allocations, Senate meetings

Lydia Moneir November 26, 2012
The updates from the Nov. 19 Budget and Allocations and Senate meetings include the approval of Aim Higher funds and the passing of the free printing request funds.

FSA wants Florida to aim higher

Lydia Moneir November 18, 2012
A man in Fruit Cove signs away $300 million. Two months later, UNF’s tuition increased by 13 percent. Gov. Rick Scott cut those $300 million from state higher education in Florida this year.

Building 57 dedicated to Betty, Tom Petway

Lydia Moneir November 14, 2012
Building 57, which sits adjacent to Student Union, has been known as the College of Education and Human Service, but as of Nov. 9, has another name. Petway Hall was dedicated to Betty and Tom Petway, a couple that has been involved in UNF’s growth since it was founded in 1969, according to a news release.

Highlights from Nov. 5 Senate meeting: Elections, appointments committee chair appointed, new senators sworn in

Lydia Moneir November 6, 2012
The highlights of the Nov. 6 meeting include the appointment of the elections and appointments committee chair and the swearing of new senators.

Parking pass thefts on the rise

Lydia Moneir November 5, 2012
After seven thefts of parking pass so far this term, some are questioning the reasoning behind having external parking passes this year.

Second day of polling shows smaller margin between major parties

Lydia Moneir October 24, 2012
After a second day of polling, the incumbent Red Party still leads the elections, but by slightly smaller margins, with 53.3 percent of votes going to the Red Party and 41.5 percent going to the Yellow Party.

Highlights from Oct. 22 Senate meeting: Premium parking passes to be limited next year, tailgate funding approved

Lydia Moneir October 23, 2012
The highlights of the Oct. 22 meeting include the passing of tailgate funding and the limiting of premium parking pass sales for the upcoming school year.

Rededication ceremony welcomes Student Wellness Complex

Lydia Moneir October 18, 2012
Dottie Dorian, a UNF benefactor, says UNF has come a long way since she was a UNF student when it first opened.

Fassi: Results matter for Red Party

Lydia Moneir October 16, 2012
Initiatives that the Red Party wants to pursue include a universal scantron on campus and an expansion of the amount of free prints a student can use during a semester.

Archaeology lab receives grant to conduct survey of former Fort Caroline

Lydia Moneir October 15, 2012
The UNF Archeology Lab received a $43,000 grant, which it will use to conduct a survey of the former site of Fort Caroline, in the hopes of uncovering evidence of the lost French fort.

Highlights from Oct. 8 Senate meeting: Funding requests pass

Lydia Moneir October 8, 2012
The highlights of the Oct. 8 Senate meeting include the passing of a CSM job reclassification and funding for a new table for UNF's Table Tennis Club, as well as the approval of the modification of the Student Union's wage language in its budget.

Senate pushes Chick-fil-A, Papa John’s forward

Lydia Moneir October 1, 2012
After approving the amended language on the nearly $1 million campus dining renovations bill, the Senate approved the amended bill 30-7.

Updates from Oct. 1 B&A meeting: Funding requests pass

Lydia Moneir October 1, 2012
Among the highlights of the Oct. 1 B&A Committee meeting include the committee green-lighting multiple funding requests. The Senate will hear those requests at its next meeting Oct. 8.

Fassi reintroduces vetoed dining renovations bill to reflect students’ opinions

Lydia Moneir October 1, 2012
The special Senate meeting will take place at 8 p.m. today in the Senate chambers.

Highlights from Sept. 24 Senate meeting: Senate approves dining renovations; students speak out against Chick-fil-A

Lydia Moneir September 25, 2012
Among the night's events included approved plans for campus dining renovations, a hearing of student concerns against Chick-fil-A, approval of two senators and funding approvals for intramurals and the UNF Student Wellness Complex.

Senate Allocations Meeting Highlights: Chick-fil-A, Intramurals and Wellness Center

Lydia Moneir September 18, 2012
Among the requests the Budget and Allocations Committee approved are for intramural and recreation sports, the salary for the associate director for recreation and the approval to renovate Building 8 and the Student Union West building.

Updates from the Sept. 10 Senate meeting

Lydia Moneir September 11, 2012
Among the highlights of the evening's meeting are the approval of four students to positions, the proposal to bring more ATMs on a campus and words from a student who is not in favor of Chick-fil-A coming to campus.

UNF residents get dirty at Mudfest

Lydia Moneir September 7, 2012
Muddy students can be seen around the Osprey Fountains this week as Mudfest rages on. Mudfest takes place annually when the dirt pit next to the Osprey Fountains is filled with water and transforms into a mud pit.

Jaguar tickets sell out at UNF

Lydia Moneir August 27, 2012
Jacksonville Jaguars may see a spike in support from UNF students at its eight regular season home games.
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