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Reserved parking in the arena garage.

Parkings spaces reserved for April 4

Paolo Cesar April 3, 2019

On Thursday, April 4, over one hundred spots will be reserved from the Arena Parking Garage and Lot 18. 20 Blue Lot spaces will reserved from the parking garage for organizers attending the Spring 2019...

Ozzie Bucks discontinuing off-campus use

Ozzie Bucks discontinuing off-campus use

Paolo Cesar March 26, 2019

In a new release, the University of North Florida stated that Ozzie Bucks are officially discontinuing off-campus use starting April 26. According to the release, students and employees can still take...

Fire-grilled oven used at Blaze Pizza. Photo by Alexandra Torres-Perez

Pi Day offers discounted pizza and more

Paolo Cesar March 14, 2019

Pi Day is upon us and with it comes several discounts at local pizza outlets. Blaze Pizza in Town Center, Jacksonville, is starting the Pi Day hype with $3.14 pizzas for anyone who downloads the Blaze...

Courtesy of Marvel Studios

Captain Marvel: Further, faster, and full circle with our latest heroine

Paolo Cesar March 11, 2019

An opening statement for those who somehow hate Marvel with all of their beings: Kindly leave your complaints at the window. That aside, Marvel’s done wonders with "Captain Marvel," which could be...

Student complaints about data security have been addressed

Student complaints about data security have been addressed

Paolo Cesar March 6, 2019

Rhetoric surrounding data security has done nothing but expand in our constantly-developing technological age. The Compliance, Ethics and Risk Oversight Committee met Tuesday in Petway Hall to discuss...

Homecoming: Nest Fest comes to UNF

Homecoming: Nest Fest comes to UNF

Paolo Cesar February 15, 2019

Starting Feb. 15, the University of North Florida will host Homecoming: Nest Fest, with open invitations and special offers for alumni until Feb. 23. Alongside a welcome back for alumni, Homecoming offers multiple...


Parkland shooting anniversary: How students are using their voice to move forward

Paolo Cesar February 14, 2019

A year has passed since the Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting, and people are moving forward to honor the fallen and reflect on everything that has passed since that time. Among those making efforts...

The Lego Movie 2 rebuilds with heart and growing pains

“The Lego Movie 2” rebuilds with heart and growing pains

Paolo Cesar February 11, 2019

Leave it to the same team that managed to tear Batman’s foibles apart in "The Lego Batman Movie" to ultimately do the same to everything else. Yes, the movie is ultimately that good. Spoilers aside,...

Facebook bans (and unbans) Geneva Museum of Art and Historys pictures of nude statues

Facebook bans (and unbans) Geneva Museum of Art and History’s pictures of nude statues

Paolo Cesar February 8, 2019

Facebook recently banned photos of two nude statues by the Museum of Art and History in Geneva, bringing the debate about nudity in public spaces into the limelight once more.   Associate Professor...

President Donald Trump

What does President Trump’s transgender ban for military personnel mean for LGBT soldiers?

Paolo Cesar February 3, 2019

After a rough period in 2017, the Trump Administration’s anti-transgender ban for the armed forces came back in force in January right on the heels of the government shutdown. Director of the LGBT...

Blind Date with a Book at the Thomas G. Carpenter Library. Photo courtesy of the Thomas G. Carpenter Twitter (@unflibrary)

Blind Date with a Book: An early Valentine’s and love letter to literature

Paolo Cesar February 2, 2019

In celebration of books and an early Valentine’s Day, the Carpenter Library is holding its fifth Blind Date with a Book event from Feb. 1 through Feb. 14, giving students a chance to step back and relax...

The UNF Counseling Center.

UNF Counseling Center limiting individual appointments per student

Paolo Cesar January 25, 2019

With students raising concerns about time for appointments, the UNF Counseling Center has started limiting sessions to a maximum of six per student. Last fall, the Counseling Center received concerns...

The Student Alliance for Inclusion and Diversity is throwing YouNF Week this week.

YouNF Week offers programs to celebrate diversity

Paolo Cesar January 22, 2019

The Student Alliance for Inclusion and Diversity is opening the “YouNF Week” series of programs and activities to celebrate diversity and inclusion. “YouNF” aims to bring the student body together...

Photo by Alexandra Torres-Perez

Barnes Bathroom Initiative pushes for free feminine products in bathrooms

Paolo Cesar January 19, 2019

Last January, Biomedical Sciences major Yvonne Barnes started a bathroom initiative under the American Chemical Society to provide free emergency toiletries for students in STEM. When talks about sponsorship...

Photo by Alexandra Torres-Perez.

Blaze Pizza to offer $5 pizzas to students

Paolo Cesar January 14, 2019

Blaze Pizza in Jacksonville announced that it will offer build-your-own pizzas for only $5 on Tuesday, Jan. 15 for students with their college I.D. The offer applies to students and staff from the University...

Barbara Lagoa, the newest appointee to the Florida Supreme Court. Photo courtesy of AP.

What does Barbara Lagoa’s appointment mean for the Florida Supreme Court?

Paolo Cesar January 10, 2019

Florida’s Supreme Court now has its first ever Hispanic woman. Newly inducted Governor Ron DeSantis appointed Cuban-American Judge Barbara Lagoa to a position in Florida’s highest court on Wednesday. Mary...

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