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Disability studies course promises community involvement, new outlook on life


November 18, 2010

“A disability is a form of human diversity, same as a race, gender, ethnicity or class,” said Dr. Chris Gabbard, a UNF professor.This is the message that will be taught and explored in the course Disability Studies, a Tran...

Letter to the Editor – Nov. 15


November 17, 2010

Dear Editor in Chief, I have put off writing this e-mail long enough, and I know I would regret not sending it. I understand what Jordyn Waters was trying to say in her article: not all stereotypes are true. However, the...

Commentary: Just a commercialized holiday


February 11, 2009

Feb. 14 comes every year. And each year, men across the world scramble at the last minute to simply make their Valentine happy. Promotions of chocolates, flowers and teddy bears fill retail stores as men get suckered into buying...

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