Letter to the Editor – Nov. 15


Dear Editor in Chief,

I have put off writing this e-mail long enough, and I know I would regret not sending it. I understand what Jordyn Waters was trying to say in her article: not all stereotypes are true.

However, the way the article was written and the fact that it was even published was offensive to me.

Why single out “Jews”? Would you publish an article about falling in love with a Christian? Another thing, it is polite to say Jewish, not Jew. Jordyn said people question her and say “You’re dating a Jew? How’s that going for you?”

She said she just laughs in response to this. Hey, Jordyn, instead of just laughing, maybe you should ask those people what the hell a comment like that is supposed to mean, or perhaps you could stick up for your boyfriend.

But wait, you are friends with the ignorant people who make comments like that. I understand that stereotypes don’t just appear, but the basis of your article is only on your boyfriend.

Next time, try talking to more people if you want to promote diversity.

She said, “You also have to ignore the quips that stem from ill-founded stereotypes.” Don’t ignore the quips, address that they are ignorant.

Jordyn just talked about her relationship in this article. She didn’t talk about stereotypes in general or how to eradicate them; she just calls it a day and says “Shalom y’all.”

Way to be proactive, Jordyn. I hope her boyfriend broke up with her after reading that article.

Rachel Newman