Commentary: Just a commercialized holiday


Feb. 14 comes every year. And each year, men across the world scramble at the last minute to simply make their Valentine happy.

Promotions of chocolates, flowers and teddy bears fill retail stores as men get suckered into buying the same useless items year after year.

Last year, consumers purchased $13.9 billion in chocolate products and $416 million in flowers, and sales are expected to increase in 2009, according to a U.S. census.

But what’s the point?

Most women acknowledge they don’t even want these gifts, just the thought that their sweetheart put in the effort to buy them.

Valentine’s day is a corporate holiday created solely so Hallmark, Hersheys and Kay Jewelers can boost first quarter sales.

Because the women in our lives hear stories and see the commercials on TV, it’s now a do-or-die situation.

We either give up $100 for a dinner and some candy, or we’re sleeping on the couch until spring break.

This February, our nation is facing an economic crisis unlike any other in the past 20 years.

Unemployment in Jacksonville is reaching record numbers, and the climate is not expected to regain shape until 2010.

Working men are struggling to keep their jobs and put food on the table, yet they’re expected to reach into their wallets for gifts that will wind up in the trash by next week.

I say it’s time to take a stand and boycott Valentine’s Day.

If you aren’t tied up in a relationship – you’re lucky. If you are, save the money for something more useful and work on your arts and crafts skills.

Draw your Valentine a card or write her a romantic poem, because after all, isn’t it the thought that counts?

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