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Beef and potatoes: Minus the beef … and the butter … OK, just potatoes


April 13, 2010

For the March 9 edition of the Spinnaker, Features Editor Beca Grimm asked me to investigate a phenomenon known as “Meatless Mondays.” In the course of doing a story about this international campaign to reduce meat consumption,...

Consumptive practices cause for consideration


September 16, 2009

We live in a culture that extols instant gratification, and as fiercely autonomous Americans, we generally look for quick and easy ways to take charge of uncontrollable factors in our lives — energy levels, an ineffectual libido...

Jitterbugs reside in energy drinks


September 2, 2009

I sat at my desk at 4:30 a.m. marveling at my newly acquired Spidey senses and making a mental Etch-A-Sketch of the crevices on my wall behind the computer screen. And it was at that point when I began to regret my earlier...

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