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Jack of all trades: UNF holds the latest career for octogenarian working as a maintenance mechanic

Noor Ashouri August 12, 2014
At 81 years old, Dale Baker is a maintenance mechanic at UNF. Both a co-worker and supervisor note Baker's humor and penchant for jokes. He has a varied past, from Korean veteran to meatpacking employee, and hopes to retire here at UNF.

Spinnaker’s guide to UNF clubs

Noor Ashouri August 7, 2014
Though college life could be hectic with credit hours and study sessions, there are over 200 clubs and student organizations for students to join and perhaps engage outside of academics. Spinnaker's guide to UNF clubs highlights several clubs that might spark your interest.

More than meets the eye: behind the scenes with team manager Freesman

Noor Ashouri March 25, 2014
“You can’t play your whole life.” Freesman, a sports management sophomore, wants to be a college basketball coach.

Ghostwriting class aims to do the unrealistic

Noor Ashouri March 13, 2014
Senior English major Hurley Winkler remembers Professor Mark Ari pulling her aside after her Advanced Fiction workshop to invite her to be part of a class he said no one had ever done before.

Coffee shop conversations lead to crowdfunding event

Noor Ashouri March 13, 2014
One Spark takes over downtown Jacksonville. It doesn’t always take fame and wealth for greatness to find its platform. Sometimes greatness starts through conversation. This is how One Spark found its way.

Does anybody care that there hasn’t been an SG election this year?

Noor Ashouri March 11, 2014
Elections were supposed to take take place the week of March 3, but an election requires candidates, competition, and interest - all of which were lacking. The SG president also ran unopposed this year. This makes the second year in a row without a presidential election. Last year, a candidate competing for the presidency was disqualified for not filling out the paperwork correctly.

Club Profile: FSA connects on Filipino time

Noor Ashouri March 11, 2014

Anna Santiago is called to the front to be auctioned off. She is wearing a black leather jacket, snowman fleece pajama pants, and high heels. She takes off her leather jacket as she walks to the front...

Wear a Turban Day shows it’s always better together

Noor Ashouri February 27, 2014
Ashok Bazaz and Sukhbir Singh have never cut their hair in their lives. They are Sikhs and believe hair, including facial and head hair should never be removed. The turban keeps their hair in place and is a physical identity for Sikhs.

It’s model, not plus-size model

Noor Ashouri February 25, 2014
One word comes to mind when looking at a picture of supermodel Robyn Lawley walking up the beach in a printed bikini: hot -- no, wait, two words: ridiculously hot.

Wake Up: Foods that give you energy

Noor Ashouri February 24, 2014
Sources of energy are not limited to coffee, energy drinks, or even fruits and vegetables. There are many other ways to boost that endurance.

Student Profile: Maddie Miller

Noor Ashouri February 18, 2014
Noor Ashouri interviews Maddie Miller, a freshman majoring in Psychology, about life on campus, the trials of finances, and Market Days.

Homecoming 2014 events: An ’80s rock spin

Noor Ashouri February 17, 2014

Homecoming Week is in full swing. Check out these calendar listings for the upcoming events. Monday, Feb. 17: Mr. and Ms. UNF 7:00 p.m. at the Lazzara Performance Hall Watch students compete...

Get off your couch and go to MOCA: free to students

Noor Ashouri February 12, 2014
The Museum of Contemporary Arts, MOCA, provides a number of opportunities and experiences to become involved in the Jacksonville art world.

UNF Foundation official says making money trumps other social concerns

Noor Ashouri February 7, 2014

From recycling bins to new water bottle filling stations, UNF has all the makings of a “green” campus. But when it comes to investments, all bets are off. The UNF Foundation is a nonprofit organization...

Sleep debt can cost students a lot

Noor Ashouri February 6, 2014

What researchers call “sleep debt” is proven to decrease your memory and learning ability. The infamous all-nighter: intended to help you make a better grade on tomorrow’s exam by skipping out...

Where’s the Men’s Center?

Noor Ashouri February 5, 2014
The women’s center's main goal to limit instances of gender inequality. The male community also has issues that need to be dealt with, yet there is no Men's Center at UNF.

Drink up: coffee is better for you than you think

Noor Ashouri February 5, 2014
Seriously, even the smell of coffee is rewarding for the sleep-deprived college student

Trendy foods

Noor Ashouri January 14, 2014
Eating can make you one of the cool kids on the playground now.

“Hanging Out” on Tinder

Noor Ashouri November 8, 2013
I was assigned to explore the world of Tinder. Quite frankly, the thought of interacting with people who may not be real is disturbing. Hesitant to use it myself, I ironically became one of the fake users I feared by creating a fake profile to conduct my research .

Textbook trends shifting, tuition and fees could be affected

Noor Ashouri November 2, 2013
IncludED, a new system being discussed, could give students a new approach to textbooks. IncludED is a program offered through Follett, which is the course material distributer for the UNF Bookstore. The program would factor the cost of textbooks into tuition or fees.

Social media etiquette

Noor Ashouri October 21, 2013
Sick of seeing news feeds cluttered with filth? Here are some etiquette suggestions for you social media users.

Crime alert recalled

Noor Ashouri September 16, 2013
A crime alert went out across campus Sept. 14 and was recalled the same day.

Having children is an expectation, not a decision

Noor Ashouri September 14, 2013
A woman’s value is often linked to motherhood. Women who claim no desire to be a mother are looked down upon.

Inhaling the unknown

Noor Ashouri September 13, 2013
E-cigarettes may seem like a better alternative than traditional cigarettes due to the absence of tobacco, but we shouldn’t rush to them just yet.

Alcohol nutrition

Noor Ashouri September 11, 2013
A temporary law allows, but doesn't require, alcohol companies to provide nutritional labels on their products.

Living To Work

Noor Ashouri September 9, 2013
Today's standards make work a required addiction for students.

Lyme Disease Bites — Not just in the Northeast

Noor Ashouri September 5, 2013

  Three years ago, while studying Lyme disease at UNF, Dr. Kerry Clark received complaints from a resident in northern Georgia. The resident was concerned the thriving number of ticks in...

“Sustained” —Atlantic Beach Police internal affairs investigation offers insight into UNF hiring decision

Noor Ashouri September 4, 2013
At an Atlantic Beach crosswalk March 31, 2010, Ashley Stump pressed the button, the walk light turned on and she started pedaling her bicycle across Fairway Villas Lane. She said it was then an Atlantic Beach Police patrol car pulled forward, and the two collided. Stump was knocked off her bicycle, which was then lodged under the tire of the patrol car.

Our beliefs on privacy are hypocritical

Noor Ashouri July 18, 2013
Privacy is an idea that is coveted and enforced, yet, in our society, it is something that is virtually nonexistent because of the massive machine of information known as the Internet.

Monsanto dubbed “Most Evil Corporation of the Year”

Noor Ashouri June 24, 2013
Monsanto's recent endeavors has labeled itself as a company we can't trust. It has betrayed the freedom of allowing a person to decide what they put into their own body by producing illegal wheat without public notice.

Final exams: a waste of time?

Noor Ashouri June 22, 2013
Final exams cause students to deprive themselves of sleep, use energy stimulants and stress out. They also go against academia by rewarding students who are able to cram information and do well on a test, when in reality the information gained is fleeting.

Fat taxes: a failure of a solution to obesity

Noor Ashouri June 16, 2013
The idea of a "fat tax" needs a lot of work because of some of the adverse it effects it has on consumers. In an attempt to avoid paying the extra money, people are buying the foods in higher quantities to avoid paying the tax on multiple purchases. Also some items on the fat tax list aren't necessarily unhealthy or fatty at all, which makes the extra taxing of them confusing.

Bright Futures requirement to submit FAFSA changed

Noor Ashouri May 30, 2013

In high school Ms. Porubski, told Grechen Fields there was a way to get “free money” for college. The way was FAFSA. But this “free money” did not come at a small cost. Fields spent about...

Greek members hope to find a place to call home

Noor Ashouri April 18, 2013
Greek Housing at UNF? Organizations are set to present before UNF’s Fraternity & Sorority Housing Committee throughout the month of April.

Boost your metabolism and immune system for finals week

Noor Ashouri April 18, 2013
Prepare your body for finals: With the end of semester just around the corner, get your body in prime condition to conquer.

Are protein supplements doing more harm than good?

Noor Ashouri April 10, 2013
Too much of a good thing: Are you ODing on protein supplements?

How to make every trip to Starbucks a healthier one

Noor Ashouri April 5, 2013

There are 87,000 ways to make a drink at Starbucks, according to the Business Insider. This number of possible combinations makes the goal of ordering something not absolutely terrible for you seem...

Getting rid of gluten: the healthier choice, or just a fad?

Noor Ashouri March 13, 2013
Eating gluten-free: Is it really worth the hype?

No Meat March: Try eating something green

Noor Ashouri March 6, 2013
No Meat March is the perfect time to try going veggie.

Common myths cracked about your fruits and vegetables

Noor Ashouri February 26, 2013
Mom always made you eat those fruits and veggies, but was there good logic and reason behind her herbivorous insistence?

Are Artificial Sweeteners Making Us Fat?

Noor Ashouri February 20, 2013
Artificial sweeteners, though having fewer or no calories, may be increasing our weight more than a natural sugar would.

Frozen yogurt versus ice cream: are we fooling ourselves?

Noor Ashouri February 14, 2013
The Ultimate Frozen Treat Showdown: The Spinnaker compares the health quotients of ice cream and froyo.

Got five minutes? Your stomach does

Noor Ashouri February 6, 2013
Don’t deny your stomach the most important meal of the day. Here are tips and items to help for a well-fed, good start to your college lifestyle day.

Unemployment down, Jobs after graduation up

Noor Ashouri February 1, 2013

UNF graduates will see increased job opportunities in the Northeast Florida region for the upcoming year. With more jobs in the area, unemployment rates have improved decreasing from 9.5 percent...

Choose the healthier options when driving through

Noor Ashouri January 30, 2013
Hungry, broke and in a hurry? There are healthier options at your favorite fast food restaurants.

Spinnaker’s Guide to the Flu

Noor Ashouri January 29, 2013

This flu season, UNF students have a high risk of developing a highly contagious virus that could potentially impact GPAs for the spring semester. The number of outpatient visits for reported flu-like...

Freshman 15 ring a bell?

Noor Ashouri January 24, 2013
A large portion of any university's student body — those at UNF not excluded — drink alcohol, which our nutrition columnist Noor Ashouri understands, but wonders whether or not these students think about the caloric side of the matter.

Shuttles to don UNF branding

Noor Ashouri November 16, 2012
The new UNF shuttles are being branded after being blank for nearly two months. Melinda Gallup, UNF contract administrator for its shuttle system, said the process of applying branding started over the weekend and will be spread over the next two to three weeks. Each shuttle takes approximately three hours to brand.

No Lot 14 shuttle stop zeroes out CDRC field trips

Noor Ashouri November 16, 2012
In previous years, the UNF Child Development Research Center used the Lot 14 shuttle lots for extra programming. But when the shuttle system changed at the beginning of fall, that stop disappeared and so did the field trips the center provided to on-campus events.

Road to Asia event showcases Asian culture

Noor Ashouri November 9, 2012
Through means of dances, songs and instruments, the Road to Asia event Thursday showcased the culture of Asia. The event featured approximately 10 performances derived from Korean, Filipino, Indian, Afghanistan, Vietnamese, Chinese and Japanese tradition and culture.

UNF to limit student withdrawals fall 2013

Noor Ashouri November 6, 2012
UNF is implementing a policy in fall 2013 that will limit the number of withdrawals students can make throughout their undergraduate careers to six, said Megan Keuhner, UNF’s registrar.

UNF hosts civil discourse on public prayer

Noor Ashouri October 31, 2012
UNF held “A Community Conversation on Public Prayer: Beyond Talking Points” Tuesday at the University Center, an event aimed toward encouraging people to converse about the topic of public prayer in the context of a civil and official event.

Blue lift blocks sidewalk in front of J. Brooks Brown Hall

Noor Ashouri October 30, 2012
Stephen Fagan, coordinator of UNF Physical Facilities, said the lift has been traveling from the Biological Sciences Building to J. Brooks Brown Hall for several weeks to fix leaks.

Binder responds to national attention, criticism for presidential poll methodology

Noor Ashouri October 30, 2012
A recent poll conducted in UNF’s polling lab indicating President Obama ahead by four percentage points received national attention, as well as criticism. Michael Binder, a UNF political science assistant professor, conducted this survey and said receiving national attention for it, in conjunction with the presidential debate held at UNF last year, is helping the university establish itself on the map.

Unofficial fall election results: Red Party wins 19 Senate seats, Yellow Party lands 1

Noor Ashouri October 25, 2012
In addition to the senators, the fall elections encompass three bills. All three of those bills — related to grammatical errors in the Constitution, the associate chief justice position and graduate Senate seats — passed.

UNF Reads featured author visits campus

Noor Ashouri October 24, 2012
UNF Reads hosted a lecture featuring Warren St. John, author of "Outcast United," which will serve as this year's required reading for incoming freshman.

UNF hosts fourth annual Take Back the Night event, observes Domestic Violence Awareness Month

Noor Ashouri October 17, 2012
UNF’s Women’s Center and Alphi Chi Omega women’s fraternity hosted the fourth annual Take Back the Night March and candlelight vigil Tuesday to help unite the community in raising awareness about domestic violence.

UNF poll indicates Obama’s slight Florida lead

Noor Ashouri October 11, 2012
Students conducted the polling through computer-assisted telephone interviewing stations at UNF's polling labs. The results also indicate that blacks and Latinos favor incumbent Barack Obama in considerable amounts to Mitt Romney.

English professor’s ‘Bad Night’s Sleep’ takes home Shamus Award

Noor Ashouri October 9, 2012
This isn’t the first time the Private Eye Writers of America have recognized UNF English professor Dr. Michael Wiley for his fiction. In 2008, the group nominated his novel “The Last Striptease” for the Best First P.I. Novel Shamus Award.

Two staircase entrances, exits locked in Student Union East Building

Noor Ashouri September 28, 2012
Michael McGuire, UNF's Student Government business manager, said the entrance and exit doors leading to the third floor of the Student Union East Building have been locked for safety reasons,

JTA could offer 25 percent discount to UNF students

Noor Ashouri September 20, 2012
While UNF has yet to assess the results of a survey it sent to students Sept. 12 about transportation, students weigh in on the possibility of public transportation bring them to campus.

Potential on-campus Chick-fil-A sparks online petition

Noor Ashouri September 12, 2012
A UNF student has started a petition to dissuade UNF from bringing Chick-fil-A to campus. The petition hopes to garner 5,000 signatures by Sept. 17.

Students gather to construct a Wall of Remembrance

Noor Ashouri September 5, 2012
Peace organizations around campus started a monthwide initiative to spread their word across campus. Other events throughout the month include a peace-inspired poetry reading and a formal dedication of the Wall of Remembrance.

‘Voice Your Vote’ campaign visits UNF

Noor Ashouri August 30, 2012
The ‘Voice Your Vote’ campaign, a college convention tour, visited UNF Tuesday, with the goal of inspiring young voters to become active members of the political community. The campaign, which will cover 12 college campuses, started Aug. 22 in Orlando, and will make its final stop Sept. 6 in Charlotte, N.C.
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