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Opinion: Law against bongs is misguided

Taylor Leckie July 3, 2013
Bongs and several other smoking devices have been banned in the state of Florida. While other states in the country are exploring ways to regulate the legalization of marijuana, Florida seems to be taking a step in the opposite direction.

Boy Scouts’ policies are outdated, intolerant

Taylor Leckie June 15, 2013
The Boy Scouts of America are now allowing openly gay scouts but not adult counselors into the organization. This is not the first instance the organization has been behind the times, and the question must be asked: What kind of principles are the Boys Scouts preaching to the future leaders of America?

Friendships have a life-span

Taylor Leckie April 17, 2013
As you grow and your relationships don’t, you’ll need to cut some ties. treat this as a sort of friend test: Who makes the cut, and who needs to go?

Some friendships have a lifespan

Taylor Leckie April 17, 2013

As you grow and your relationships don’t, you’ll need to cut some ties College is often a turbulent rush of new experiences and relationships. You’re at a point where you may still be in contact...

Generation Y do you smoke?

Taylor Leckie April 4, 2013
Our generation was raised knowing full well the health risks of smoking. Yet, so many still smoke.

College students don’t have to live like they are poor

Taylor Leckie March 27, 2013
With a tight college budget, these smart saving tips can come in handy.

VD, Anyone?

Taylor Leckie February 13, 2013
There's no question that Valentine's Day is an economically wonderful day, but do the mass produced items we buy our loved ones representative of the love we share?

Did the Super Bowl XLVII commercials achieve their goals?

Taylor Leckie February 6, 2013
There is more than one reason to watch the Super Bowl: you don't necessarily even need to like football. It is the Commercial advertisements that keeps so many glued to the screen from start to finish, but what is there point, exactly? To sell products? Or just to entertain?

Everybody has a Facebook, right? Nope.

Taylor Leckie January 30, 2013
Do you think life without Facebook is even possible? Well, it is, and Spinnaker columnist Taylor Leckie proves it, illustrating the benefits of her choice.

Thank You: two words that go a long way

Taylor Leckie January 22, 2013
A hand written thank-you can be any number of colors and sizes, but what's important is that one is sent. A handwritten expression of gratitude for gifts given, employment considerations or just a kind gesture is sure to win the appreciation of who receives it.

With the new year comes resolutions and helpful tools to achieve our goals

Taylor Leckie January 12, 2013
A new year is a great time to reevaluate our lives and resolve to make ourselves better. UNF is a great place to stay on track, and contributing columnist Taylor Leckie gives us some direction toward how to make the most of university life.

Enough with the “F” word already, UNF

Taylor Leckie December 2, 2012
As we prepare for and broach finals week, certain techniques can help us cope. If we haven't properly prepared this semester, there's always the next, and Taylor Leckie gives us her take on the matter.

Rated PG

Taylor Leckie November 22, 2012
With the transition from dependance to independence that characterizes our college experience, Taylor Leckie believes it is best to involve our parents. It's a tough road to travel, and we'll need help. Keeping up the relationships we have with our parents is as easy as making a phone call or sending an email.

Column: Lining up for our future

Taylor Leckie November 8, 2012
Contributing columnist Taylor Leckie explores all the reasons why someone would choose not to vote.

Column: We need a president who can mix sex, politics

Taylor Leckie November 5, 2012
Contributing columnist Taylor Leckie wants to see a president who will support education to those within and just outside of the voting age who have sex.

Column: Ladies, don’t let your costume become free Halloween porn

Taylor Leckie October 28, 2012
Contributing columnist Taylor Leckie asks, Why do we go from something as innocent as a quest for candy and laughter into what appears to be a quest for who can drink the most while wearing lingerie in public disguised as a costume solely by the addition of cat ears?

Column: ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ takes me on a strange journey

Taylor Leckie October 22, 2012
One Spinnaker reporter made her way to "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" showing Oct. 19, to see what the chilling, thrilling and fulfilling is all about.

Column: From college to career

Taylor Leckie October 15, 2012
The ideal suit for your career may belong to Bruce Wayne, but UNF has services in place to help you land work experience while still in school and a job once you've flown away from its natural core.

Column: Anxiety, anyone?

Taylor Leckie September 25, 2012
Sure, absorbing a new living arrangement — or just being a college student, in general — can give you that horror-movie anxiety, but that doesn’t mean you have to live on edge until you finally grab that bachelor’s degree.

Column: To avoid ending up as a starving artist, I became a business major

Taylor Leckie September 10, 2012
When it comes to deciding whether to knock on publishers' doors or investing four years in a business degree to avoid such a lifestyle, the latter reigns more beneficial. At least it does to Spinnaker columnist Taylor Leckie.

How does the other half live: A call for co-ed living

Taylor Leckie September 4, 2012
In college, many of us find ourselves in a position to experience co-ed living arrangements. This can be a very valuable learning experience - for both sides. Interacting with the opposite sex on a regular basis builds stronger communication skills.

With a cute puppy comes great responsibility

Taylor Leckie August 27, 2012
Whether you’re feeling alone in your apartment or still spiteful when you recall all the times your parents said “no” to getting a puppy - at some point or another - getting a pet seems like a good idea. It’s a horrible idea.

UNF launches new mobile app, mobile-friendly website

Taylor Leckie August 14, 2012

UNF announced a new mobile app for students, staff, and alumni and a new mobile-friendly UNF website Monday. A university press release said the app allows mobile access to campus maps, university...

A theft and a sick person: Police Beat for the week of August 3

Taylor Leckie August 4, 2012
Police Beat, originally appearing the the Spinnaker newspaper, contains summaries of police reports created by the UNF Police Department. Police Beat also be featured here on unfspinnaker.com with a new post every Friday.

Students start picking up graduation gear at the bookstore

Taylor Leckie July 23, 2012
Seniors can start picking up their gowns, tassels, tickets and other graduation necessities starting today at the UNF Bookstore.

Pepsi wins contract, replaces Coke on campus

Taylor Leckie July 18, 2012
The beverage choices are changing on campus. UNF is in transition from carrying Coke products to carrying Pepsi, instead.
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