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Students rescue mother, baby from overturned car


February 16, 2010

A mother and her baby were pulled from their overturned vehicle after it sped through Kernan Boulevard and landed in a ravine. After witnessing the vehicle lose control, two UNF students took part in the rescue efforts that saved...

Texting while driving can lead to deadly consequences


September 24, 2009

The introduction of text messaging has cultivated a whole lot of response from a whole lot of people. Some find it to be annoying and confusing, some use it as their main method of communication and some find it to be an extremely...

Letter to the Editor: Lock doors, keep windows up


March 25, 2009

Dear Editor, Please remember to lock your vehicle when parking on campus. Don’t leave your valuables in plain view and keep your windows up. Thefts from vehicles occur most often to unsecured vehicles. If you observe suspicious...

Bailouts might soften blow now; hinder U.S. economy later


December 3, 2008

The case for the auto industry bailout has been presented on several occasions as a way to help the economy from collapsing since too many people depend on the health of that industry. The problem with this argument is that...

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