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Letter to the Editor – Nov. 15


November 17, 2010

Dear Editor in Chief, I have put off writing this e-mail long enough, and I know I would regret not sending it. I understand what Jordyn Waters was trying to say in her article: not all stereotypes are true. However, the...

News in Brief – Feb. 25


February 25, 2009

SG ‘revamps’ students with free concert Student Government is sponsoring the 2009 REVAMP Christian Music Concert series at 7 p.m. Feb. 26 and Feb. 27 in the UNF Arena. The concert will include performances by The Afters, S...

Letter to the Editor: Parking Services does a good job


February 11, 2009

Dear Editor, When people feel the need to complain about Parking Services, they should delve deep and recall the beginning of each fall semester. There is a reprieve for each new semester when the parking staff does not ticket...

Season to give, not receive


December 3, 2008

While different world religions celebrate their own holidays in various ways, there is one common ideal that can be found in them all: We should give back to others. A large number of Americans, despite their religious beliefs,...

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