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Poll: Students want Jesus to be US president


January 19, 2012

By: Katie Gile, Staff Writer   Imagine kicking back in your 21st century living room as Teddy Roosevelt addresses the nation live on your plasma widescreen. Or, picture a series of political advertisements paid for and pro...

Editorial: Viva la revolution!


February 28, 2011

Hey, folks. Are you having problems with your dictator? President? Prime Minister, perhaps? Or maybe your district’s school board is giving you the decades-long run-around? Well, have we got the solution for you: It’s called...

Red party sweeps election

October 28, 2010

Staff Blog: Another round of government intervention; UAW owns Chrysler


May 5, 2009

Way back in November, still under the Bush administration, I wrote a column documenting how a moral hazard was being created and the slew of negative unintended consequences that stem from government actions, were most assuredly...

The News Around


April 1, 2009

AROUND THE STATE Senator seeks chancellor seat; would replace Delaney State Sen. Jim King, R-Fla.,  announced March 31 he is seeking the open chancellor seat of the State University System. King, a Jacksonville representative, wo...

Glover takes lemons and makes lemonade


March 4, 2009

Nathaniel “Nat” Glover, vice president of Public Relations in the UNF President’s office, has overcome many challenges in his lifetime. The struggle that built his character, the same struggle many minorities face in...

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