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UNF strives toward diversity

Stephanie Blaum

March 4, 2014

The university’s Presidential office is trying to improve diversity at UNF. Special Advisor to the President Edythe Abdullah, who is in charge of enhancing diversity at the university, said UNF students will be given an op...

Former student body president to rock SuperFest

Dargan Thompson

April 18, 2012

John Brandon remembers holding band rehearsals in abandoned UNF classrooms when he was a student in the late ‘90s. “We would rehearse there until security came and kicked us out, and we’d go on the other side of the...

The 3rd Diaz brother

January 18, 2012

News in Brief Feb. 23, 2011


February 23, 2011

AASU to host special keynote speaker for Black History Month Dr. Michael Eric Dyson will be the Keynote Speaker for Black History Month at the Robinson Theatre Feb. 23 at 7 p.m. Dyson is a professor, lecturer and author who...

Hollywood moves to Jacksonville, one weekend only


October 12, 2010

BY Allison Morse In the early 1900s, Jacksonville was Hollywood. Well, not exactly, but it was the Mecca for winter filmmaking, providing an ideal climate that allowed movies to be made when the weather in New York did not...

Consumptive practices cause for consideration


September 16, 2009

We live in a culture that extols instant gratification, and as fiercely autonomous Americans, we generally look for quick and easy ways to take charge of uncontrollable factors in our lives — energy levels, an ineffectual libido...

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