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“I’ve Been Fortunate”

Dargan Thompson June 4, 2013
Oupa Seane remembers first becoming aware of apartheid when he was about 3 years old. Now the director of UNF’s Intercultural Center for PEACE, Seane’s experiences growing up in South Africa and struggling against apartheid have shaped who he is and how he views his life and the world around him.

Crowdfunding event seeks to light a spark in Jacksonville

Dargan Thompson April 17, 2013

In the last few years, crowdfunding websites such as Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Rockethub have helped tens of thousands of entrepreneurs fund their dreams by gathering donations from the general public. But...

Mock Rape Trial seeks to educate on difficult issues

Dargan Thompson April 11, 2013

Laughter is not something you generally expect to hear in a courtroom, even a fake courtroom, especially when the issue at hand is as serious as sexual assault. But there was plenty of good-natured laughter...

That’s the Ticket!

Dargan Thompson April 10, 2013
Ozzie's Spring Ticket Music Festival is bringing eight artists to campus for a day long event in the UNF Arena.

Dishcrawl comes to Jacksonville

Dargan Thompson March 26, 2013

It’s like a pub crawl, but with food. At least that’s how Dishcrawl describes itself. Attendees visit four restaurants in the same area of town in the span of about two hours and have a sampling...

New Sculpture adds color to Lot 18

Dargan Thompson March 12, 2013

If you park in Lot 18, you can’t miss the new addition to campus. “I think of it like a big exclamation point,” said Dr. Debra Murphy, chair of the Department of Art and Design. The towering...

Q&A with ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race’ winner Chad Michaels

Dargan Thompson March 10, 2013

Standing over six feet tall in heels, outfitted with makeup, a wig and sequined black bodysuit, Chad Michaels makes quite an impression. Unlike other drag queens, Michaels left her female stage...

Q&A with artist Michael Aurbach

Dargan Thompson March 6, 2013

It’s impossible to overlook Michael Aurbach’s work. Stepping inside the UNF Gallery, viewers are met with two huge metal sculptures. On the piece closer to the door, black urinals contrast with the...

Performer Jasmine Guy speaks at annual MLK Scholarship Luncheon

Dargan Thompson February 26, 2013

UNF’s Intercultural Center for Peace held its annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Scholarship Luncheon Feb. 26 in the University Center with performer Jasmine Guy as the keynote speaker. Images of...

Smartphone Dating: Is the key to your love life literally in the palm of your hand?

Dargan Thompson February 13, 2013

Editor's note: updated at 5:00 p.m. 2/14/13 with comments from Aleksandra Milicevic While couples celebrate Valentine’s Day, singles looking for a casual date may be surprised to find that their smartphone...

Jasmine Guy Q&A

Dargan Thompson February 8, 2013

You may know Jasmine Guy as Whitley Gilbert from the ‘80s sitcom A Different World, or as Sheila Bennet from The Vampire Diaries, or as Roxy Harvey from Dead Like Me. Guy certainly has a long...

Remembering Dara Kusiv

Dargan Thompson January 16, 2013

When Dara Kusiv was 16, in the summer of 2008, she spent 10 days volunteering with children in an orphanage in Haiti. Lynn Kusiv, Dara’s mother, said the trip really impacted Dara. “She talked...

Students gather for candlelight vigil honoring crash victim

Dargan Thompson January 14, 2013

Hundreds of students gathered silently in the Coxwell amphitheater Saturday night for a candlelight vigil honoring Dara Kusiv, who was killed in a car accident this new years day. The vigil was...

Anything but miserable

Dargan Thompson January 8, 2013

A classic novel made award-winning musical, Les Misérables has it all: a powerful story, interesting historical context and fantastic music. The musical, written by Alain Boublil and composed by Claude-Michel...

Photo Gallery: The Big Ticket

Dargan Thompson December 4, 2012

Thousands of people flocked to Met Park in downtown Jacksonville Sunday, Dec. 2 for The Big Ticket 2012.  The lineup for the day long music festival included Of Monsters and Men, Flogging Molly, Fun....

UNF engineering students head to Red Bull Flugtag competition

Dargan Thompson November 1, 2012

This weekend, a group of engineering students will take the machine they spent a month building and push it off a pier, hoping it will fly far before it crashes into the ocean. As crazy at that...

Electropop duo 3OH!3 to headline Osprey Productions concert

Dargan Thompson October 25, 2012
If you’ve been to a club, dance party or just turned on the radio within the past few years, you’ve probably heard a song by 3OH!3. The duo of Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte exploded into the pop music scene in 2008 with their second album, ***Want, which reached no. 44 on the Billboard top 200. The song “Don’t Trust Me” reached no. 7 on the Billboard Top 100.

The Spinnaker’s guide to Jacksonville’s haunted houses

Dargan Thompson October 25, 2012
With just a week left until Halloween, it’s your last chance to get your scare on. The Spinnaker visited three haunted houses in the Jacksonville area to help you decide where you want to spend your screams this season.

The Last Bison Q&A

Dargan Thompson October 13, 2012
The Spinnaker caught up with indie folk band The Last Bison after its Oct. 11 concert at Underbelly in downtown Jacksonville.


Dargan Thompson August 22, 2012

3LAU, also known as Washington University in St. Louis student Justin Blau, is a producer and DJ. He started his career just over a year ago and has since gained the notice of music blogs and performed...

Twenty One Pilots Q&A

Dargan Thompson August 21, 2012
The Spinnaker sat down with Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph of Twenty One Pilots before the band's August 8 show at Freebird Live. Twenty One Pilots will be playing at the Osprey Tailgate Classic August 25 at the Coxwell Ampitheater.

Former student body president to rock SuperFest

Dargan Thompson April 18, 2012
Jacksonville fills Lot 18 with audiophiles of various genres to showcase its musical talent.

The Spinnaker guide to buying music

Dargan Thompson April 18, 2012
Pay the artists you’ll find in the digital music sphere.

Veterans react to end of Iraq, Afghan wars

Dargan Thompson April 8, 2012

By: Dargan Thompson, Assistant Features Editor As controversy continues to rage about U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan, two UNF students who served in the U.S. Marine Corps share their experiences...

Alumna benefits from chem degree, supports STEM majors

Dargan Thompson April 8, 2012
Kami Carter wins an award for her work as a chemist.

Students compete in UNF Mud Run

Dargan Thompson April 6, 2012
Students reflect on the physical courage it takes to participate in the UNF Mud Run.

Spring brings out Wild UNF

Dargan Thompson April 6, 2012
Since spring doesn’t exist in Florida, the wildlife is out in full force basking in the summer-qualifying heat and the season of mating.

It’s all Inside the Target Car

Dargan Thompson March 22, 2012
Big record deals may not be in store for this Jacksonville punk band, but that won’t stop Inside the Target Car from touring.

J.T. Townsend lays the foundation

Dargan Thompson March 22, 2012
An injury in high school doesn’t stop J.T. Townsend from knowing others with disabilities that they’re not alone.

So, What’s Your Story? Mysterious Pied Piper reveals his tale

Dargan Thompson March 21, 2012
A Native American flute plays just beyond the Green some afternoons, but who ever knew its performer doubled as a bassoonist?

Piano man Billy Joel answers questions, plays a little music

Dargan Thompson March 2, 2012
Billy Joel came to campus to offer insight into the music industry. See which moments topped the night’s event.

MTV’s ‘Made’ holds casting interviews on campus

Dargan Thompson March 2, 2012
Around 60 students auditioned for a chance to star in an episode of MTV’s “Made” at the Student Union.

Haunted house tycoon stars on ‘Biz Kid$’

Dargan Thompson March 1, 2012
When he was 13 years old, a UNF freshman started a business that landed him a spot on PBS show “Biz Kid$.”

Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll shares story, advice with students

Dargan Thompson March 1, 2012
As part of Black History Month, the AASU invited Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll as a keynote speaker. She spoke about working hard and overcoming adversity.

So, What’s Your Story? Student crowned King of Campus for the second year in a row

Dargan Thompson February 22, 2012
Last year’s Red Bull King of Campus skater triumphs again at the 2012 event and keeps his throne.

It’s a festival in a nest

Dargan Thompson February 11, 2012
A calendar of the Nest Fest 2012 events ensures that you don’t have to miss a thing.

So, what’s your story? Sbarro supervisor provides pearly-white service

Dargan Thompson February 11, 2012
In case you only swing by the on-campus Sbarro occasionally, here is your chance to find out a little more about its supervisor.

New fee may add 5 percent increase to student academic bills

Dargan Thompson February 8, 2012
The fee would provide more academic advisers to undergraduate students.

Four Republican candidates battle it out at the UNF Fine Arts Center

Dargan Thompson February 2, 2012
The GOP debate came and went. Find out how it fits in to the Republican primary race.

Step back, President Delaney

Dargan Thompson February 2, 2012
Presidential Envoys nab front-row tickets to GOP debate -- in front of the university’s president.

The GOP debate event recap

Dargan Thompson January 27, 2012

UNF found itself in the national spotlight Jan. 26 as the CNN GOP debate swept through campus.News trucks and hundreds of members of the media took over the Student Union. CNN filmed live from campus all...

Why voting matters

Dargan Thompson January 25, 2012
Many students take a hands-off approach to politics and it's not a good idea.

Son of a Bad Man to release its first album

Dargan Thompson January 25, 2012
With a new CD coming out Jan. 28, the band sat down with the Spinnaker to talk respect for their fan base.

Though not directly involved, SG is excited for the GOP debate

Dargan Thompson January 25, 2012
SG members say CNN controls the debate.

Surfer Blood and Gospel Music Q&A

Dargan Thompson January 12, 2012
Surfer Blood and Gospel Music chat with the Spinnaker before their Jan. 8 show at the Student Union.

Grade inflation on the rise at U.S. universities, not at UNF

Dargan Thompson November 30, 2011
Who cares about grades? Recent studies show grades are rising in American universities, but the reasons for the rise are unclear. Find out how UNF grades fare against other universities.

Long Board, Short-Circuited

Dargan Thompson November 16, 2011
Standing on water - A student-surfer shares his stories of life on the longboard as one of the country’s top surfers.

Gov. Scott requests financial information from state university presidents

Dargan Thompson November 9, 2011
The plan for higher education - Rick Scott requests information from Florida’s public universities. What he will use the data for remains a mystery.

Senate approves new senators, sans general election

Dargan Thompson November 2, 2011

By Dargan Thompson The UNF Student Government Senate approved the internal election of 21 senators Oct. 24 for the 2011-12 year. Senator Billy Namen was appointed treasurer Oct. 31 by President Matthew...

Zip it up

Dargan Thompson September 21, 2011
New eco-friendly plastic bags go under the review fire. See if the two-plastic-bags-in-one product is worth it.
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