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Athletes bring spotlight to endurance events at UNF


February 2, 2012

By: Josh Brannock, Sports Editor The triathlon club is on a mission to bring health, endurance and a better understanding of the events to UNF. George Yoho, President of the Triathlon Club, has spent the last semester at...

Why not update every four months?


January 4, 2011

Guilt washes over us all after the holiday season.  We spend too much money on presents, cram an excess amount of delicious homemade treats down our bellies, and veg-out for way too long on the couch watching reruns. But...

Fitness equipment relocates to UNF Arena at end of fall term


September 1, 2010

The Dottie Dorion Fitness Center will close after the fall semester while the university begins plans for building the new UNF Student Wellness and Sports Education Center. The current fitness center will close in December...

Top Five Pole Dancing Songs


August 31, 2010

Words cannot describe my elation when our features editor approached me about doing a stripping-themed top five to complement our pole fitness story. As you may know, stripper songs are the song archivist’s holy grail: You...

BOT approves wellness fee increase


April 29, 2010

The UNF Board of Trustees approved a $3 per credit hour increase in student fees that would pay for a new wellness center, April 29 The school had to seek special permission to levy the fee, because a $3 per credit hour increase...

Top Five Songs to Run from the UPD to


October 27, 2009

Alright, so you probably caught a glimpse of our cover story, which during production, we gave it the slug (or working name, for you non-journalist folk) “UPD WTF?” A question most of us have probably muttered. Sometimes one...

Group Fitness classes offer students alternate ways to work out


September 2, 2009

As UNF students go back to class, hit up the Osprey Café and scarf down the free food that is everywhere at events, there are several options on campus to help them take the calories off. Sure you can run the loop, play racquetball...

Ospreys ready to run anywhere


March 25, 2009

While students at other Florida universities pay money to run on a treadmill in a smoggy crowded gym, UNF offers a variety of running options to accommodate its students. UNF is home to numerous trails, roads and a newly built...

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