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Opinion: Is vinyl an aesthetic?

Jesse Raymer

March 25, 2017

With the closing of Deep Search in Jacksonville this past December, the local vinyl enthusiasts are looking for new places to acquire their favorite albums. Vinyl has made a huge comeback in the last few years, with many people o...

You smell that? Nostalgic radio rock for all


January 26, 2010

Think back to around 1996. What were you doing on a weekday at 4 p.m.? I was usually sitting in the kitchen of my parent’s house doing math homework and listening to the radio, and without fail, I'd hear Marcy Playground’s...

Movie kiosks gain popularity among college students


October 27, 2009

When going to a theater fails, easy-access film viewing prevails Technological and societal advances in the last half century have replaced the steam engine, the soda pop attendant and the phonograph, and it looks like bri...

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