Sep. 5 – Sep. 12


Sept. 5 – Sick person (Building V) – UPD was dispatched to Osprey Cove in reference to a possible drug overdose.

The complainant said he had taken 10 20 milligram Adderall in the last four days and felt like he was having a heart attack.

He did not have a prescription for the medication, and none were found in his room after it was searched. He was transported to St. Luke’s Hospital.

Sept. 6 – Criminal mischief (Lot 18) – A contractor working for UNF called UPD because his windshield had been shattered from a broken beer bottle lying beside his vehicle.

UPD has no suspects.

Sept. 7 – Damaged property (Building 45) – A portion of an art display that hangs from the ceiling in the Fine Arts building was found lying on the steps outside the building.

The exhibit has been damaged before, but a staff member said that no groups were scheduled to use the building the night before.

Sept. 9 – Petty theft (Building 9) – A student reported his textbook stolen after he left it on a counter in the Freshens Café.

UPD has no suspects.

Sept. 9 – Alcohol (Building Y) – UPD found three bottles and one can of beer after searching a student’s room.

The five suspects in the room at the time were referred to Student Conduct.

Sept. 11 – Lost property (Building 14) – A student reported his cell phone missing from a restroom. He remembered placing it on the sink but not picking it up upon leaving.

Sept. 12 – Drug possession (Building V) – UPD was dispatched to Osprey Cove after a resident assistant saw beer cans in the room next to his. UPD searched the room, which was occupied by four students at the time, and found 18 cans and 8 bottles of unopened beer.

When back-up arrived, one suspect was fidgeting with his pocket and proceeded to pull out a bag of marijuana containing 9 grams of the drug.

He was transported to the Duval County jail.

One of the three remaining suspects was continuously uncooperative. All four suspects were referred to Student Conduct.

Sept. 12 – Burglary (Building 44) – A student contacted UPD after noticing her parking decal, tote bag and textbook were stolen out of her car.

The vehicle was undamaged and UPD has no suspects.

Compiled by Sarah Gojekian.