Letter to the Editor: Students, UNF needs to clean up lake


Dear Editor,
Every day I look outside my window and see something horrible: a retention pond that is highly polluted. Scattered alcohol and water bottles litter the pond’s edges while pizza boxes are just as close.

Inside the pond is even worse. While you cannot see into the middle, trash is evident in the shallow parts.

This pond is outside of the Crossings and many residents are disgusted by the amount of littering that goes on.

Candy Cane Lake is in worse shape than the others.

What is even more disgusting is the harm the trash places on the wildlife. Currently, a goose’s nest is 10 feet from the water. Turtles sun bathe during the day, and ducks dive to the bottom for food. These animals deserve to have their home as clean as possible, and it is up to us to make sure that it happens.

This is why I plan to hold a clean-up day for both the retention pond and lake. If anyone else is just as concerned as I am, we can plan a day to take action and help our school’s wildlife.

Victoria Leininger
Sophomore, Psychology