Commentary: Our Two Sense – April 8


Mike Tomassoni
Art Director
Josh Salman
Managing Editor
Rachel Elsea
Copy Editor
Jonathan Morales
News Editor
The news is focused more on Michelle Obama’s clothes than the man in charge. So why change? Is she a fashionista?
Yo, I don’t give a narwhal’s horn what Michelle Obama is wearing unless it is my extraterestrialistic clothing line, MKdna (MiKe design-n-airbrushing). For more info about wearing art* check out I only wish I could dance as well as the First Lady dresses. Oh wait, I can … Nevermind. I think just because she and Barack are younger than the typical presidential couple, more of their focus is on being hip and doing whatever necessary to fit in. Unfortunately, these days that includes wearing the right outfit. Considering all the presidential media hype of everything NOT newsworthy, I’m not at all surprised. While North Korea launches guided missiles, we nitpick and argue what pastels, fabrics and prints are “in.” Please, give me a break.