Speaker to discuss Dead Zone


The UNF Coastal Biology program will be hosting a series of lectures during the fall semester. The first
lecture is scheduled for Sept. 25 in the University Center

For those interested in attending, here are some quick facts.

Dr. Nancy Rabalais, the executive director and professor of Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium. Her research interests include biological oceanography, the distribution and dynamics of hypoxia water groups and the relationship between animals and sediment.

Rabalais will be speaking about the Dead Zone in the Gulf of Mexico. She will touch on the effects Americans have had on producing algae blooms, which robs marine species’ oxygen and could one day deplete the source of shrimp and shellfish in the area.

8 p.m., Sept. 25.

University Center

Rabalais teaches courses about biological oceanography and changing coastal oceans at the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium and is currently working on eight projects in the field. Her projects include studying the effects of hypoxia on living resources of the Northern Gulf of Mexico and studying the mercury in marine fish and fishermen. Rabalais is also a member of a research group at the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium.

Rabalais earned her doctorate in zoology from the University of Texas, her master’s in biology at Texas A and M University and her bachelor’s in biology at Texas A and M.

Compiled by Holli Welch.