Good Samaritan actions shouldn’t be punished


How far would you go to keep one of your friends from driving home drunk? Would you fight him or her? Would you call the police? What about locking them in the closet?

Shawne Merriman made a decision — it saved a life.

MTV star Tila Tequila accused the San Diego Chargers’ linebacker, Merriman, of false imprisonment and battery.

Tequila told police Merriman was choking her and then threw her to the ground preventing her from leaving, but the U.S. District Attorney’s office is not charging Merriman, according to the Associated Press.

However, Merriman said Tequila was intoxicated and not in any state to control her emotional and physical state.

What if he just let her go? How easy would it have been to just let his girlfriend walk out the door and drive intoxicated, after getting into an argument?

If Tequila would have left the apartment that night, got into a wreck killing someone and perhaps even herself, there would be a lot of blood on someone’s hands.

Those hands would be Merriman’s, and the story would be a lot bigger than what it is now, causing a lot more negative face time.

Everyone thinks they know how much is enough. Each person has their own idea of what sober is, but the U.S. Government is pretty clear. Anything more than .08 while driving is under the influence.

According to the Mothers Against Drunk Driving, one person is killed every 45 minutes because of a drunk driver.

Bartenders face this dilemma almost every single night. When should they cut someone off ?

And even when bartenders cut someone off, should they still be responsible for what happens to that person after they leave?

Bartenders say on busy nights it is impossible to manage individual customers.

So should Merriman get a pass? Based on the present facts –- yes.