Letter to the Editor: marijuana at UNF


April 15, 2013

In response to the recent articles in the Spinnaker regarding Marijuana at UNF:

As noted in the recent articles in the Spinnaker, it is important to remember that different states have a multitude of different laws, and the violation of any of these laws brings consequences.

Vice President for Student and International Affairs Mauricio Gonzalez

As indicated by Lieutenant Mike Gwynes, each officer at UNF has a limited degree of discretion on how to apply the laws for certain infractions. Within that discretionary range, there are many factors that can be considered when determining the appropriate action to take including behavior, number of offenses, attitude, and accountability. With this in mind, I would hope that the writer of the article titled, “Students up in Smoke, UPD doles out inconsistent punishments for marijuana use,” understands why we don’t use a one size fits all approach. Someone who has enough marijuana to start a small business is certainly not the same as the student who was coaxed into taking his first puff.

While it’s legal in Colorado and Washington State, marijuana remains illegal in the State of Florida, and students need to be mindful of that. When students receive a citation for the illegal use of marijuana, it goes on their record. Having this on your record can negatively impact your future. If you’re planning to attend law school or the military, or pursuing specific degrees that require licenses or certifications such as education, psychology, nursing and many others, you can’t afford to have this offense on your record.

Let’s not forget why we’re here at UNF. It is not to use illegal substances that can end a career. Rather, it’s to work hard in school, take full advantage of the best of collegiate-life, and to build a future; one that contributes to society. Don’t ruin that prospect before you get started in your career.

Dr. Mauricio Gonzalez
Vice President for Student and International Affairs