Sculptor teaches students to work with alabaster

(Left to right) Enzo Torcoletti, Lance Vickery a UNF sculpture professor and Ian Skinner a UNF junior studying sculpture discuss plans for his alabaster stone piece. The stones will be turned into mixed media works of art. Photo by Randy Rataj

Randy Rataj

Enzo Torceoletti, a stone sculptor originally from Italy taught UNF students the basics of sculpting in a workshop on Jan. 14.

The workshop went till 5 p.m. in the sculpture lab behind building 45. Torceoletti showed students techniques used to sculpt objects out of alabaster stone.

“He got this alabaster stone and I’m just going to make a wave. We have to make a mixed medium piece with it,” said Gillian Harper, sculpture junior.

Torceoletti has a show currently on exhibit at MOCA and will be up until Jan. 19.

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