Men's basketball wins opener


Despite Thursday night’s home opener against Ave Maria being an exhibition match, the Ospreys still enjoyed a 71-56 victory in front of a rowdy crowd of over 1,000 people.

UNF Freshman Andy Diaz led the way with a double-double– 12 points and 12 rebounds.

The freshman forward prefers his rebound statistic over scoring becuase gettting rebounds put the team in scoring position, he said.

Head Coach Matt Driscoll was especially dissatified with the team’s performance.

“We can’t keep getting punched in the face,” Driscoll said referring to how the lead changed three times throughout the game.

The Ospreys only led the NAIA team 33-32 at half time.

Free Throws were a place where the Ospreys struggled only shooting 62 percent.

The Ospreys cannot continue to win if the shooting percentage doesn’t increase, Driscoll said.

Diaz also struggled at the line going 2 for 7.

One key player to the Osprey’s 15 point victory was junior guard Brad Haugabrook.

Haugabrook went 5 for 6 at the free throw line, and is now focused and excited about traveling to Notre Dame Nov. 14 for the first game of the regular season.

One thing that Driscoll did say impressed was the atmosphere. The pep band, made up of traditional marching band instruments as well as a drumset and electric guitar played a number of tunes including Lynrd Skynrd’s “Free bird.”

Immediately after the game, Driscoll took the microphone and walked onto the court to thank the crowd for attending and asking for continued support.

The pro-Osprey crowd were not reminiscent to the same crowds from previous years.

This year, there was some front row hecklers, who managed to get the attention of opposing team players.

The hecklers did not let up and showed no mercy to the struggling Ave Maria team that went on a 0-11 point streak allowing UNF to pull away in the second half.

Though the Nov. 14 game is considered a guarantee game for Notre Dame, Driscoll has said he hopes to win at South Bend.

Photos by Harris Zeliff