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OP planning music festival for UNF


Osprey Productions (OP) is changing it up this spring semester with a music festival in lieu of a fall or spring concert.

John Chwalisz, the director of Osprey Productions, said that OP will put on a 24-hour music festival March 5-6*. This festival will replace the traditional concerts OP puts on once a semester.

“It’s just something different that has never been done before. We want to bring the campus together and give that festival experience to the students,” Chwalisz said.

Chwalisz said there will not be a fall concert this semester due to OP’s plan to put on one great event in the spring instead of two good ones that usually occur.

“Fall’s always been a good concert, but we decided to put all of our efforts towards a spring festival to make it the best that it could possibly be,” Chwalisz said.

The concert will last from 4 p.m. on March 5 until 4 p.m. on March 6, Chwalisz said. The festival will be held behind the Student Wellness Complex on the auxiliary field, where a stage will be brought in for the performers. The students will have the option to camp out during the concert, Chwalisz said.

Chwalisz said the music festival will be similar to a traditional music festival. He said there will be multiple performers instead of one headliner, and there will be food trucks and vendors that students can interact with.

“We’re going to have vendors, food trucks and other fun and exciting elements that could be found at a traditional music festival that you would find out west out in California, on the east side, down south or wherever you would be,” Chwalisz said.


According to Chwalisz, all music performers will cease playing at 11 p.m. on the first night, but students can still make their own music until a stricter curfew time that has yet to be decided. The performers will start up again in the morning the next day, Chwalisz said.

Chwalisz said they do not have a schedule of who is to play at the festival at this point. They are currently still working to find several headliners.

According to Chwalisz, depending on who will be the next OP director, assistant director and president next year, this spring festival style concert could become a permanent thing.

“We want this to be something that students talk about forever. We want to make this a senior’s year, as well as a freshman’s year. We want this to be the event that unites all of campus,” Chwalisz said.

OP will release the idea this semester, said Chwalisz, and will use word-of-mouth, social media and post flyers on campus for students. Chwalisz said they intend to “hit it hard” and advertise the festival rigorously after winter break.

“It’s going to be the event of the century,” Chwalisz said.

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*10/10/14 at 11:54 p.m. – Corrected date of event

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