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All content by Erica Santillo

‘Thrilling Dead’ brings new life to campus

Erica Santillo November 8, 2014
“I did this ['Thrilling Dead' performance] because I’m a dancer and I love Michael Jackson,” Alexandria Thompson, freshman who played the front dancing creature, said. “It’s a tribute to Michael Jackson and I get to dance, so it works.”

Rocky Horror: UNF does The Time Warp again

Erica Santillo October 10, 2014
The Rocky Horror Picture Show on Oct. 3 marked the seventh year Osprey Productions has put on the show at UNF. Students and guests new to the experience were "initiated," and the cast provided insight into the show through interviews.

OP planning music festival for UNF

Erica Santillo October 6, 2014
Instead of having two separate fall and spring concerts, Osprey Productions plans to put on a 24-hour music festival this spring on March 5-6 that will have multiple performers, food trucks and vendors.

Elections approaching, 27 students in the running

Erica Santillo October 4, 2014
After the senator application process was simplified, Student Government will hold the first senate election since Fall 2012.

Professors now provide scantrons, Academic Affairs foots the bill

Erica Santillo September 3, 2014
Professors are now required to provide scantrons, but students still need to get their own blue books, which Student Government provides free.

UNF takes a quantum leap with new research technology

Erica Santillo August 28, 2014
Having a diffractometer, an expensive piece of equipment used for chemical and physics research like quantum computing, can help raise UNF's profile in the state.

Comedy Central coming to campus

Erica Santillo February 12, 2014
Anthony Jeselnik is headlining at a Comedy Central comedy show, part of Osprey Productions' week of Homecoming events.

Student Government washed out

Erica Santillo January 7, 2014
A burst pipe leads to a clean-up in Student Government offices that could last three days.

Parking spots to be converted to housing spots

Erica Santillo November 18, 2013
“We are not taking away any spots that would cause parking to get worse,” said Ryan Traher, communications director for Student Government. “If anything, it would make parking significantly better for the people gradually utilizing the premium passes.”

Weekend string of burglaries

Erica Santillo September 27, 2013
Five burglaries from unlocked motor vehicles over a three day period were reported to the University Police Department last week. From Sept. 19-21, various items were stolen from five vehicles in Lots 55 and 10.

Adobe suite coming to campus

Erica Santillo April 4, 2013

UNF has purchased the Adobe Master Collection for computers on campus. Kathy Hughes, IT Director of User Services, said these programs will be installed in the Mathews General Purpose Lab, as well...

Fassi to run for re-election

Erica Santillo February 19, 2013

Student Body President Carlo Fassi intends to run for re-election for the 2013 spring semester as a member of the Red Party. “I chose to run for re-election because I want to make a difference....

Budget discussed in forum, passed in senate

Erica Santillo February 12, 2013

Student Government held a public forum in the Senate Chambers Feb. 8 to discuss the proposition of a new budget and possible cuts to on-campus organizations for 2013-14. Billy Namen, Student Body...

Student Health Services conducts search for new physician

Erica Santillo February 8, 2013

Student Health Services is interviewing candidates for Chief Medical Physician after Dr. Fred Beck left to pursue another job offer. Director of Student Health Services Doreen Perez said the interview...

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