Aquatic Center


The UNF Aquatic Center offers a wide variety of healthy activities and plenty of sun and relaxation- and it’s all included in tuition.

The aquatic center is located on the North side of campus next to the Arena and is in its 21st year of operation. Students only need to present their Osprey cards to be granted full access to the facilities.

The center was the only university facility in the nation to win a National Parks and Recreation Award in 2002. The award recognizes agencies that demonstrate excellence in planning and managing diversified aquatic activities.

Amber Verloove, a senior nutrition major, has worked at the aquatic center for two years and uses the facilities frequently.

“Students can come here and get a good workout,” Verloove said. “People that run or bike or anything else – it’s a good way to cross-train. We also offer aqua aerobics. It’s an hour-long class, but you don’t feel like you’re sweating. You’re still getting a good workout, though.”

Classes are only one of the benefits provided to students by the aquatic center.

“What’s free for students is swimming, sunbathing outside, using the diving boards and our water exercise classes – aqua aerobics. We do shallow water or deep water aqua aerobics – the deep being more intense,” said Heather Kite, the assistant director of the aquatic center.

The aquatic center features a heated indoor pool that measures 50 meters by 25 yards. Portions are roped off into lanes, and other areas are left open for free swimming and classes. It also has diving boards, locker rooms and an outdoor patio with chairs for sunbathing.

Songa Goettel, a global MBA student, likes the aquatic center for the calming atmosphere it offers and the rays she can catch while studying, she said.

“I like it,” Goettel said. “I come here for swimming or to lie out in the sun and do some work. I live on campus, so for me it’s one of the nicest places to relax in the sun or relax in the water. After spending eight hours at a desk, coming here for half an hour is so relaxing. And I love how it’s included, so you don’t even have to pay anything.”

Along with offering students a chance to swim and tan, the center offers job opportunities.

Kite has worked there since she was an undergraduate for a total of ten years and still uses the facilities weekly.

“We’re one of the larger student employers on campus, with our lifeguards and swim instructors being students,“ Kite said. The aquatic center also offers arthritis aquatics, which helps relieve tension and pain brought on by arthritis.

Besides the free classes, the aquatic center offers lifeguard training classes in the spring, which are discounted for UNF students. And CPR classes are offered, which are required for education interns.

The UNF Aquatic Center is open Monday through Thursday 6 a.m. – 9 p.m., Friday 6 a.m. – 7 p.m., Saturday 8:30 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Sunday 12 – 5 p.m. The center closes from 2 – 4 p.m. Monday through Friday for the UNF swim team practice.

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