Obama’s platform threatens U.S. foundations


As November draws nearer – when I’ll vote for the first time – I realize how important my one vote might be.

Let me be frank. If we as citizens of the U.S. desire economic security, limited government involvement in our lives, fewer abortions, stricter laws on crime, lower taxes and a capitalist system, our presidential candidate for 2008 is Sen. John McCain.

While Barack Obama is persuasive and charismatic, he is running on a platform rife with socialist policies that seek to destroy two reasons America is so great – its Godly heritage and its capitalist system.

An economic platform that revolves around increasing taxes and providing more “services” to Americans by destroying the most premier medical system in the world will cause taxes to spike and service to plummet.

What was once a competition between medical professionals to provide the best service with the most recent technology will turn into no competition at all, which means awful service, long waits, and medical treatment by people who have no incentive to treat you at the top of their game.

In both the long and short runs, the matter of taxing is simple.

Fewer taxes mean more money for Americans to spend however they want. I believe Americans are smart enough to be able to know how to spend their money.

Obama doesn’t agree.

Fewer taxes also mean fewer programs from the government, but that’s not a bad thing. Privatized programs are consistently much better than governmental systems, because privatized systems are capitalist systems that survive on their ability to compete for consumers’ money.

Obama’s plans seem good, but apparently, only McCain truly gets economics.

If that alone is not compelling enough, McCain knows foreign policy and protection in a way Obama will never understand. If we had another terrorist attack, as in 2001, I would want McCain at our helm.

If we want true hope and true change, we’ll place it in the responsible hands of McCain.

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