Audacious Ales: The Spinnaker checks out Bold City Brewery



Heaven on earth exists in a warehouse on Roselle Drive. Large silver vats filled with a magical golden liquid responsible for the euphoric feeling that multiplies with every sip inside. They call it Bold City Brewery.

Supplying home-grown booze to more than 80 locales in and around Jacksonville, this microbrewery resembles anything but small. To celebrate your entrance to heaven, BCB supplies newcomers with shot-sized servings of every beer in production. The sample platter is on the house, providing you buy a pint post-taste — and you will.

The angels behind the bar advise you sip light to dark, here’s a run-down of the brews pouring from the taps:

Killer Whale Cream Ale: The name says it all … smooth, creamy, slightly sweet and very refreshing. Perfect drinking scenario: warm sunny day on a deck by the beach with some grilled seafood.

Fritz’s Hefenweizen: This is your party beer. With an abundance of fizzy little bubbles and a yummy root-beer aftertaste, the Fritz is sure to deliver a fist-pumping good time.

E St. Ale: A straight-up, no nonsense, drink-it-down beer. This European Street special has a perfectly subtle flavor, making the amber ale easy to chill (or chug) on all night long.

DukeCold Nose Brown Ale: Named after the owner’s dog, Duke’s Ale is man’s best friend, too. The brown ale is full-bodied and flavorful with a nutty/coffee/creamy feel. This winter-spice beer is perfect for some fireside romance.

Bold English: The name is so fitting, this strong brew has a deceptively sweet smell and a golden honey color. The taste is bitter and slightly herbal. B.E. fits perfectly as middle man on the sample tray as a happy medium between the smooth, light beers already sipped and the beefier ones to come.

Mad Manatee IPA: This angry brew ranks pretty abrasive. With raw herbal and citric flavors, this normally docile animal could turn even the sweetest lips bitter.

Chinook IPA: This IPA has a nice contrast from the last … sweet, tangy, fruity, floral and bitter. This well-rounded beer makes for some smooth-sippin’.

1901 Red Ale:  This beer isn’t for the casual beer drinker, but a more refined palate would appreciate this change of pace. The deep ale is sweet with a distinct coffee flavor.

Smokey Porter: This is the punk of Bold City Brews. Its dark color and smoky flavor make for a very robust glass o’ beer — perfect for all you hard-ass drinkers out there.