Movies inspire, motivate athletes


Disney’s “The Express,” released Oct. 10, tells the story of the first African-American to win the Heisman Trophy.

Many athletes find the movie to be inspirational, including Washington Redskins defensive end Jason Taylor who admires the characters of the Disney movie.

“The film showed the tremendous drive and determination that [Ernie Davis] had,” Taylor said in a Maryland Gazette article. “There’s a lot of kids who play to try to make it to the NFL … guys wanting to get the money and fame. You need to think back to not too long ago when there were guys like Ernie Davis and Jim Brown [who] sacrificed everything.”

The Spinnaker spoke to three members of the UNF women’s soccer team to find out what movies inspire them and what motivates them on the field.

Freshman forward Maja Reichardt: ‘Friday Night Lights’

“I love the movie ‘Friday Night Lights’ because it really shows how you can’t let things get to you and you have to keep fighting. In the movie some of the characters get caught up in the distractions the game throws at them. You have to just love the thrill of playing and let nothing get in the way of you giving your best. During games when we’re down by a goal or I’m trying to recover from a mistake, the pressure pushes me to give it my all.”

Senior midfielder Elizabeth Gowan: ‘Rudy’

“’Rudy’ really shows how effort is everything. No matter what the score is or what’s happening in the game, you have to want to play your hardest and give it all you have. What inspires me the most is just being on the field and being able to play the game I love.”

Junior forward Katelin Swift: ‘Coach Carter’

“In ‘Coach Carter’ the team has to come together and work as a team to overcome all the new challenges they face. Just like that team we’ve had to come together to adjust to the demands of a new coach who expects a lot out of us. But just like Coach Carter, our coach is pushing us to give our very best because she has faith in us. On the field, my team, my friends, my family and playing the game I love inspire me.”

Compiled by John Weidner.