Goodbye Column: Peace, I’m out


No matter how hard this school tried to live up to its sobriquet of “U Never Finish,” I’ll be leaving these hollowed halls April 30.

A few exceptional teachers aside — Berrin Beasley, Paula Neimeyer, Robert Bohle and Brian Thornton — I can’t say this has been an exceptionally rewarding experience. But I am more or less happy to have the arbitrary piece of paper that dictates to the professional world I am worth hiring.

But if anything has readied me for a career in journalism post graduation, it would be the more than two years of experience I have gained while working

for the Spinnaker. Not every memory is a positive one, but each day I learned a new lesson. Not to mention, I got to cause a lot of hell around this place.

To all of the people who suffered — justly — under the weight of my pen, it wasn’t personal but you know you had it coming. Take heed.

But there is one person that needs to be called out, the cigarette nazi — I am looking at you, Justin Camputaro — relax. Honestly, who cares who smokes

a cigarette on a covered balcony? Isn’t there more important things for you to be doing, like reorganizing chairs in the food court or directing helicopters to the Amphitheater? Hey, we are the Center for Student Whining after all. You’re words.

But I can’t even say I am going to miss working for the Spinnaker. I will always cherish these memories, and I will definitely miss the people and antics, but I served my time, and my eyes are now fixed toward the unknown tomorrow. I have never been known to wax nostalgic verbosely so I decided to keep it short. With that being said, I would like to leave you with the lyrics to a song that has meant a lot to me:

And when those thunder clouds are cryin / (in the skies, in the skies)

And when those fireflies keep shining /(in your eyes, in your eyes)

Keep your mind on the time, With your ass on the line, Keep your fleet feet sliding /(side, to the side)

Now the world can be an unfair place at times /But your lows will have their compliment of highs /And if anyone should cheat you / Take advantage of or beat you raise your head /And wear your wounds with pride

You must stick up for yourself son / Never mind what anybody else done.