Show off your college-student-smarts and win some prizes


Have you ever been awarded a free bar tab just for knowing the name of the character Quentin Tarintino played in the movie Reservoir Dogs? (the answer is A. Mr. Brown) or a free steak dinner for two at a fancy restaurant for remembering who gave the Gettysburg Address? (C. Abraham Lincoln) If you already knew both of those answers you may do well at “Trivia Night” in which you can test your worldly knowledge in a variety of categories at your favorite participating establishment. Here’s a schedule for ever night of the week.

*Warning* Smart phones are not welcome.

Monday: Mellow Mushroom in Tinseltown. Starts a 7:30pm.
9734 Deer Lake Court, Jacksonville, FL‎ – (904) 997-1955

Tuesday: Island Girl off Gate Parkway. Starts at 7:30pm.
7860 Gate Parkway, Jacksonville, FL‎ – (904) 854-6060

Wednesday: Culhanes Irish Pub at 8pm.
967 Atlantic Boulevard, Atlantic Beach, FL – (904) 249-9595

Thursday: Lynches Irish pub off First Street at 8pm.
514 1st Street North, Jacksonville Beach, FL‎ – (904) 249-5181

Friday: Time Out Sports Grill. 8pm.
13799 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL‎ – (904) 223-6999

Saturday: Dick’s Wings 7:30pm.
Ste 32, 14286 Beach Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL‎ – (904) 223-0115

Sunday: Time Out Sports Grill at 6:30pm.(This place also has Seinfeld Trivia every Wednesday at 7:30)