Procrastinators beware: Parking permits expire today

Cassidy Alexander

Students who are driving on campus during intercession, watch out. Parking decals from the 2015-2016 school year expire today, Aug. 15.

UNF Parking Services will start writing citations for expired decals Tuesday, Aug. 16.

This fall marks the first phase of UNF’s transition to virtual parking. For the time being, students will be issued physical parking permits, but in the coming semesters, people will register their license plate numbers online, and vehicles equipped with parking monitors will check vehicles for compliance. More information on the upcoming system can be found here.

For those who have ordered your parking permits online but they have not arrived, Parking Services will print you a temporary pass. Just stop by the office in Building 52.

Additionally, if your pass has not arrived in 21 business days, stop by the Parking Services office for assistance.

Below are the prices for each parking pass:

Graphic by Ben Cross
Graphic by Ben Cross